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Greetings MMORPG lovers! We’ve got great news this time, Zeon Hack for Gold and Gems is finally here. Hacking this game wasn’t one bit easy, but in the end we managed, like we always do. First of all let us say that this game was quite a refreshment. Simply because there were many idle games recently that we hacked. It was rather monotonous for us and in the end we kind of overdid it. However Zeon Hack was different, because it wasn’t as idle as other games, sure it had some boring parts but the rest was OK.

The thing we noticed right off the bat with Zeon is that it had some massive files required to play. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, in fact we were surprised with how huge the game is! Amount of content presented in this game was shocking, if you keep in mind that this is a mobile game. All in all we are please with the game’s overall impression that has been left on us. We might consider even doing some more articles if our audience (you guys and gals) like it.

Just like always, our hack is completely free and available to all. If you already know Zeon and it’s features, feel free to skip the Overview part. Dive right into the resource generator by finding the ‘Online Hack’ button below the article. However, if you wish to learn the basics of the game stick around and you might find it useful. The upcoming part of the article will be devoted to the game Overview as well as some of our opinions. It’s our easily recognizable style of writing, and if you’re a regular at GameBag, you’ll easily find what you want.



Zeon – Immerse Yourself in a Refreshing MMORPG Adventure

Zeon is a free-to-play MMORPG where you can travel the world, beat bosses and earn loot. Pretty simple right? Sure is, but the way this is all executed is what makes Zeon fun. Rewards vary from gear, weapons, mounts, experience to cute pets and collectibles. At the start of the game you choose between four gender-locked classes, each class branches of later in the game. The ‘branch’ you later choose is sort of a specialization for end game content.

In Zeon you are attempting to stop Lord of Sins from destroying humanity as well as the world you’re living in. You can do so by choosing one of four classes: Wizard, Boxer, Swordsman and GunSlinger. Each class has a different skill line with two job upgrades later on. You can level up by doing quests which usually revolve around collecting and killing stuff. Luckily you have the auto-pathing option which saves you a lot of time.

You can tackle a variety of dungeons in Zeon, each yields different loot and features different enemies. You can also join the Royal War for some PvP action if that’s your jam. Beast Island is used to farm some pets, which help you in fights and are also super cute. Acquiring a mount will make you move much faster, meaning you will also progress in the game faster.

Co-Op play is also available in Zeon, and to be honest it’s the best thing about the game! You can enlarge your social circle by doing co-op dungeons and raising the Intimacy Level with your friends. Guilds are also a thing in Zeon, which makes it all so much better. Zeon is playable on Android, iOS and Facebook so the player base is large.
Now let’s see what our Zeon Hack can offer you


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Zeon online Gems and Gold hack


Zeon Hack – How and Why Should You Hack Zeon Gems and Gold?

We’ll the first thing we noticed about Zeon is that it’s loaded with microtransactions. It’s pretty much a pay-to-win game, we’re not gonna sugar coat it for you. However, we realize that the game of this size requires maintenance, meaning the developers need to be paid. But making the UI of the game loaded with Ads and Offers is just not a smart choice. We cannot express how much we hate crowded UIs and Pop-Up ads in such games.

This is why we developed our own Zeon Hack that allows you to hack both Gems and Gold! It’s simple, free and very effective? Don’t believe us ? Try it out yourself and you’ll see! If you don’t know how to do it, have no fear! Because we made a built-in guide in our generator so that everyone can use it without problems. You can start the hacking process by finding the ‘Online Hack’ button below this article and clicking it.

Once you’ve managed to find it and click it you’ll get redirected. Don’t worry it’s all a part of our plan to take you to the hack. From here on you need to establish a secured connection to one of our servers. Do so by clicking the ‘Connect’ button that will appear on your screen. A process will start when you click it, and when it’s done you’ll see a ‘Proceed’ button. Click that as well to go further!

Now you’re at the juicy part and all that’s left to do is select exaclty what you want to hack. You can hack both Gold and Gems at the same time. Specify the amount you wish to generate and click the ‘Generate’ button. A window will pop-up asking your account name and device, fill in the information for the hack to work.


Don’t Abuse or Spam our Generators!

We always have to stress this because people usually don’t hack rationally. GameBag staff realizes that you guys want the most for your accounts. You have to know that by spamming the Generate button you’ll most likely end up with nothing. Why? Well our servers can only take so much abuse, and if you spam them – no resources get generated! Very simple, really.

So if you wish to use our generator please use it in moderation and with responsibility. You are using our generator, and many other people do, completely free! This is why we ask you only to be careful and use it in a smart way. Spamming and abusing helps no one!

Now that you have this in mind we encourage you to go and give our hack a try! GameBag staff always appreciates feedback so be sure to give us a like if you liked our hack!


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