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In our previous post we talked about jobs and careers available to you in Sims FreePlay. Also, we talked about businesses and industries you can invest into. We covered many different ways in which your characters can progress and make some money along that way. Now you have to spend the money your hardworking Sims have earned and make them happy (or, at least, happier). “But, what can I spend the money on?” you ask. Don’t worry, you will find out soon enough. There are many in-game items and objects waiting for you to buy, sell, use, store or ignore.


Buy, store, sell, repeat.

Before we start talking about all the different items you can find in The Sims FreePlay, let’s walk you through some of the basic mechanics for item management:

  • Home store:
    This is where you buy, sell and store your items. You can open it by clicking on a furniture button located on bottom right side of the screen. It will open a menu with different item sections like furniture, house, outdoors, and many more.

  • Buying:
    To buy an item from the home store, you have to select it and find a space on your house lot to place it. Note that there are also items that have to be placed outside. If you can’t place an item on a specific spot, it will flash red.

  • Selling:
    To sell an item you have to open the home store and click on the item in the house you want to sell. A price will appear next to the red Simoleon symbol, indicating the amount you will earn by selling it.

  • Storing:
    If an item bores you or you find a better replacement, you don’t have to sell it. There is an option to store it in your inventory in case you change your mind later on. You can also use storage option if you want to move an item from one house to another – just place it in your inventory, go to the house you want to place it in and move the item from the inventory to preferred location in that house.


To pay or not to pay

Everything this game has to offer needs to be paid for one way or another. Unless you are using sims free play cheats, you have to invest Simoleons, Life Points, Cocial Points or your time. But before you start spending your money uncontrollably, it is good to know that some of the items this game has in store for you can be acquired free of charge.

To be perfectly honest, the choice of these items is not very versatile. Everything that’s there can fit into the next three categories:

  • Loyalty rewards:
    If you are an active player and participate on a regular basis, developers have a way of thanking you by adding a collection of random items to your game.

  • Promotional items:
    As the name implies, these are the items that promote real-world brands. They are placed in-game when a corporation pays for its brand to be promoted. Toyota is heavily involved, together with Ikea and pet-related brands, but there are others as well.

  • Events-related items:
    These items are related to special or themed in-game events. Most of them are for decorating your world and you may notice that some of them stay available in the decoration tab even after the event ends. Whether it is on purpose or by accident, they are available to you, no extra charge!

There is also an option to receive a gift from another player. Although it may happen that it does not suit your preferences, do not look a gift horse in the mouth. Compared to other freemium games available, Sims FreePlay can be incredibly expensive. To bring it into perspective, let’s just say that $1,960,000 Simoleon bundle costs exaggerated $99.99.


Time to spend some money

We all love spending money. Sims FreePlay is a life simulation game, which means that you can buy almost anything you interact with in real life on a daily basis. There is something for everyone, whether you’re in it to build houses, to party or take a walk with your pet.

There are many item categories to help you find what you need, so let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Featured:
    New items from all other categories will be listed here.

  • Furniture:
    There are many subcategories under this one – bathroom, electronics, kitchen, pets, lighting and bedroom, to name a few. These are mainly used to equip your living quarters. For example, electronics category offers items like TV, computer and a pee cleaner while lighting one contains both wall and floor lamps of various designs.

  • House:
    Before you buy furniture, you need to have a house. Like any other, this one also has a number of subcategories – rooms, floors, windows, roofing and other. From here, you can buy everything you need to provide your sims with a roof over their head and a floor under their feet.

  • Outdoors:
    This is the category where you can buy things like pools, threes, plants, outdoor decorations and furniture. Everything you need to surround your house with and enjoy the life of simplicities.

In addition to all of this, every item gives you an option of changing its design and color. There is no additional cost, so feel free to choose whichever suits yours taste. It is also worth noting that items in the inventory are not sorted in accordance with home store categories.

And that’s about it. Happy shopping!

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