August 7, 2020

Subway Surfers Hack! Cheats for Unlimited Keys and Coins! Version

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Subway Surfers is an old endless runner game. It’s possibly one of the most popular mobile games ever, if not the most popular. Even though it’s still rather early for such a title, we would dare to call the subway surfers a true “classic” of the mobile gaming. What better reason than that to honor it with A Subway Surfers Hack for unlimited keys and coins!

It is not a unique game, far from it. This one was undoubtedly influenced and inspired by the Temple Run, a game that started the entire “endless runner” genre. Apparently, Subway Surfers were so good that they have eventually surpassed the game that served as an inspiration. With over 500 million downloads on Google Play, this is one of the most downloaded apps of all time. This is without even counting the iTunes and Windows store downloads.

So what makes it so good? Well, it could be that it’s the overall “polish” of the game. Not only does this game look rather good, and also sounds and plays very well. The controls are responsive and compared to other runners, you will rarely fail a run due to controls and interface issues. This might sound familiar to some of you who used to play the original Temple Run. The game would suddenly glitch and make you lean to a side and hit a tree or another obstacle when you didn’t even want to lean. You’ll be glad to know that there are no such problems with subway surfers.

The game also allows for quite a lot of improvement and customization. This is actually where the our Subway Surfers unlimited keys and coins cheats come into play.



What makes Subway Surfers hack so good? Why do you need unlimited keys and coins?

As you can unlock so many characters and costumes for those characters, you’ll want to have a a lot of free coins. However the coins are not enough so you’ll going to need keys as well. Naturally, it is possible to obtain both of those with our Subway Surfers hack. These two resources are used to get everything in the game. If you’re unsure what is the difference between coins and keys, let us go over it real quick.


Subway Surfers coins hack:

Coins can be considered the primary currency of the game. You earn them by playing the game and performing well in general. The longer you play the more coins appear in the level. You can get specific power ups like score multiplier and even permanent double coins upgrade which will speed up the process.

There are additional opportunities like jet packs and pogo sticks which will help you get even more coins and even faster. Combine any of these with the coin magnets and your coin stash will increase rather quickly.

Now, if you have a lot of coins (and you will have a lot if you use our Subway Surfers cheats) you can use those same coins to upgrade the tools used to obtain even more of them. To be more specific, coins allow you to upgrade the tools and power ups which are used to earn more coins faster. Jet packs, coin magnets and score/coin multiplier duration is upgraded with coins.

However, there is more to coins than these upgrades. They can be used for cosmetic purpose as well and to purchase consumable items like hoverboards, mystery boxes and other usable things. Cheats for Subway Surfers will help you get all the coins you need to you can have all of these.

So what are the keys for then?


Subway Surfers unlimited keys cheat:

The keys are a sort of a premium currency. If you have a lot of keys you are practically mortal to begin with. Not really immortal but, you can choose to continue a level if you fail it. You will have to spend a single key to do that. However, should you fail again, the amount of keys will double for every time you do that and decide to “revive” yourself.

Potential immortality aside, keys can also be used to unlock alternative skins. You see, once you use coins to purchase a new character, keys can be used to instantly unlock one of its bonus skins. Besides looking good, these skins don’t really do much. However, hoverboards are a different story.

Unlocking new skins for your hoverboard will granted a new ability. Some of the abilities are cosmetic as well like leaving a trail of stars behind you. Others on the other hand will allow you to double jump, speed up, glide through the air, etc.

Suffice to say, upgrading your hoverboards should be something you do as early in the game as possible. Unfortunately, without money investment this is not going to happen. You’ll have to either pay up or play the game for a very long time before you will have the pleasure of upgrading your board. Of course, since you’re here, you can easily hack subway surfers and get unlimited coins and keys which will grant you the opportunity to do everything you want.


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So how do you hack Subway Surfers? How do you use the cheats for unlimited keys and coins?

The entire process takes care of itself more or less. It is only up to you to kickstart it and make it to do its magic. Because we’ve already taken quite a lot of time, were going to cut right to the chase.

On this page you will find a button that when pressed, will take you exactly where you need to be. If you’re not sure what were talking about, go on ahead and scroll down until you see a red button in the middle of the page. It will have the words online hack written over it. Just press it and let it open a new browser tab/window (depending on your system configuration).

Once this happens, you must allow the new website to fully load before you do anything else. Once it does, head there and look for a set of instructions. It’s really hard to miss does, they are pretty much the only thing that you find on that page. Read them, follow their instructions and before you know it, you will successfully hack Subway Surfers. Once this is over, you will have near unlimited keys and coins on your Subway Surfers account to do with them as you see fit.


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