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career options for sims freeplay

If you are alive, you probably know what Sims is, but for those of you who missed it, here are a couple of things to serve as a springboard.

The Sims is basically, a life simulator where you play as a God. Well, not exactly as a God, but you will know what we are talking about as soon as you embark on this life-consuming (and we mean it in a good way) journey.

You start being in control of a single virtual person (or a whole family) – the choice is yours to make – playing a role of their life’s director, screenwriter and guardian angel (although there is also an option to set them on fire if you feel like it).

Sims FreePlay is a mobile of that game version supported by iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


When I grow up, I’m going to be…

In real life, you need money to go on living and there is no reason for things to be any different in a life simulator. In the world of Sims, your virtual people call their currency Simoleons.

They use it for everything that you would use your real money for: food, clothes, furniture… and, of course, partying! Equation is pretty simple – the more money you spend on your Sims, the happier they will be. Just like in real life.

But, with the need for money comes the fear of running out of it. So, how do you get the money? Well, of course, by taking the conservative route and getting your Sim a job (or you can look up Sims FreePlay hack online). You can be a politician, scientist, teacher or real estate agent, to name a few, but the actual list of career options is much longer.

If your in-game profile says that you are unemployed, well, it’s time to get yourself a job. As you progress in the game, you will unlock more and more workplaces, providing you with more and more career options. Once you find a career matching your preferences in the list of careers you just have to click on ‘accept this job’ option.


Getting Serious

Now if you already have your third Sim and your ambition overcomes your current income, you can try and save some money in order to build your own industry. Bear in mind that as the game – and your town – progresses into the higher levels there will be additional Sim requirements.

If you open the city map, industrial building locations will be presented to you. From here on, you can choose to invest into an art gallery, fire station, stadium, town hall, science lab and so on. All of these require different amounts of funding and experience, so choose the one that suits your needs and abilities.

Bear in mind that the system used for building an industry is no easy task. For example, the requirements for the above mentioned are:

  • two Sims in your town
  • $500

However, once you try to make your second move towards this, it will require:

  • 4 Sims
  • $1000

The requirements keep piling up and getting more demanding. Build times also increasing with each choice… In other words, this is not an easy task.

Once you have decided upon the Industry you’ll want for your first commercial addition to your town – and thus the first job for a Sim – you will need to pay for its construction and then wait for an hour that it takes for that to complete before you can have a Sim take that job. Bear in mind that you can choose to use a Life Point to rush the construction to completion – which will cost you one LP but also gain you a LP, so it is an even trade-off.


Money is a number and numbers are infinite…

Of course, making one industry does not have to be an end of it. If you have necessary funds, you can let your ambition take over and build another one and another one on top of that. This game does not punish the greedy.

Once you build your second industry and achieve a specific number of goals game presents you with an opportunity to start a business. It costs $1000 and two hours of your time, and some of the options presented to you are car dealer, pet store and a nightclub. The choice is yours to make.

If you contemplate on difference between industry and business, let us help you make it clear:

  • industry provides jobs and income

  • business provides opportunities and goods.

It’s as simple as that.

Once your Sims get a job and make progress in their career, they will start getting goals that are industry-focused at first. Those goals require that you have specific number of Sims working in a specific industry. If you do not have enough unemployed Sims, there are two possible solutions: spend your money on making more Sims or make your existing ones quit their jobs and get a new ones in the targeted industry.


One last tip:

Building The Hobby Shop Business early on is a very good idea, as it allows your Sims to purchase items that can be used to improve their career level – note that we did not say skill, but level – because this is not the same system used in the previous series where each of the Sims have a set of skills that can be improved by using items. In this case the use of the items directly increases the job level thus offering you gains in advancement and promotion (and thus more money and XP) a lot faster.

Well, that’s about it, you now know everything you need to start making some money. Now get out there and star getting working on getting rich!

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