August 7, 2020

Sims FreePlay In-App Purchases And Expansion Packs Version

short, insightful overview of the sims freeplay

In the previous articles we covered some of the basics. First of all, we presented you with different ways to earn money by finding your Sims a proper jobs and investing in various industries and businesses. Also, we talked about the items available to you in game.

There are various opportunities for your Sims to choose from while exploring theirs world. Certainly there are even more options when deciding where to spend their hard-earned profit. But what happens when you get a job and help your Sims earn all those Simoleons (considering you are not using the Sims FreePlay cheats for unlimited money)? We know for sure that you wouldn’t like for the lack of content to let you down. So do the developers.

Hence, no need to worry, living the dream is still possible, since you have an option to improve your experience with in-app purchases and expansion packs. The developers are adding them to the game on a regular basis in order to keep things fresh! So let’s take a look at online store and what it has to offer.


Online store overview

Above all, let’s see how you can access the store. At the bottom middle of your screen you will find a purple icon with a white cart on it. Once you click on it, the store will open and you will notice three tabs: Simoleons and LP, Social and Specials.

First of all, there is a tab that offers different bundle variations containing Simoleons and/or Life Points. Also, it’s good to know that amount you get in each pack depends on what level you are.

Furthermore, second tab is the one where you can buy Social Points. They are similar to Life Points, except they are purple. You can use them to buy a specific set of items you can’t buy with other currencies.

Finally, the third tab contains special items you can add to your base game. Certainly the following chapters will explore all of these in more detail.


the sims freeplay game bundles


Speeding up the process

Are you impatient? Can’t wait for your Sims to climb social ladder and earn money? Can’t wait for them to start living the life you imagined for them? Don’t worry, Sims FreePlay has got you covered.

In the online store, you can buy bundles ranging from $1,225,000 to $31,350,000 worth in Simpletons. Their price ranges from $9,99 for the smallest bundle to $129,99 for the biggest. Similarly, you can buy LPs the same way, with the small bundle containing 40 LPs for $7,49 and the big one containing 3500 LPs for $129,99. Due to that, you can choose the option that doesn’t hurt your wallet.

As we stated earlier, you can use Social points to purchase specific set of items you can’t buy any other way. These items have purple price on them and some of the examples are 70s retro TV, onion caramel bad, lime green toilet and white Scandinavian door.

Furthermore, if your wallet is thin, you can also earn SPs by adding Neighbors and completing Social Goals. Each of these will earn you 1 SP. We should mention that SPs were not available in older versions of the game, since they come with Neighbors update, so make sure you have it installed. It will make life easier for you and your Sims.

Buying items from online store using your real money unlocks VIP perks. The money spendt is converted into VIP points and the more points you have, the higher yours VIP level will be. There are 15 VIP levels and each one provides you with different perks. Raising them is in your interest, since you will get more and more perks. As a result, you will see that some of them can be real life-changers for your Sims. Some examples are Daily Simoleons bonus, Double shift profession perk and One additional Sim per house.


More content, more fun!

Third tab offers special expansion packs. They differ from additional content for the main Sims franchise by being almost exclusively content based and available in theme bundles. They cost real money and their price ranges from .99 to $14.99. So yes, you have to pay real money to get the content, but can you put a price on your dreams?

These packs can be found under Specials tab in the Online Store. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Swimsuit Bundle ($4.99)
    Do you need to up your pool game? Don’t worry, this bundle has got you covered.

  • Dolphin Pool Pack ($1.99)
    You love dolphins? Who does not? So why not add some awesome dolphin-themed items to your pool area with this cute expansion pack?

  • Tropical Fish Bundle ($1.99)
    Have you always dreamed of having a big aquarium full of beautiful fish? Tropical Fish Bundle offers two quality aquariums alongside variety of tropical fishes to fill up the water.

  • Goldfish Aquarium (.99)
    No aquarium is complete without the beautiful and mysterious Goldfish. It’s the perfect gift for the Sims who has everything. And who knows, maybe one will even grant your Sims a wish!

  • Dress-up Chest ($1.99)
    Ever got the feeling you don’t have anything to wear? So does your Sims. Treat it with some new clothes, they deserve it! Dress up your little ones as robots, panda bears, bumble bees or even a dinosaurs.

  • Wedding Bundle ($2.99)
    Do you hear church bells? Get married in style with this expansion packs Wedding Dress and Groom Suit.

  • Currency Bundle ($14.99)
    More money? Yes please! Add $32500 worth of Simoleons to your account and get a box of Life Points with 100 LP to spice it up.

So it’s pretty obvious that there are many different things that you can get to enhance your game experience. All you have to do is to pay for it.

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