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Shakes and Fidget is a surprisingly good MMORPG considering how many people never heard anything about it. We’ve received only a couple of emails regarding this game and asking for a Shakes and Fidget Hack.

At first we didn’t really think that many of you would care for such a game and to tell you the truth, we’re still not sure if many of you will. However, that doesn’t change the fact that we’ve went on with your request and made a fully functioning Shakes and Fidget cheats for free mushrooms and gold.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at the game before we start explaining how you can hack Shakes and Fidget.

For those of you that do not know (and we believe that there are quite a number of you that don’t), this is a browser-based MMO. The very first thing we noticed about it is how stylish it is. The game appears to be fully hand-drawn and we wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. There are no 3D models whatsoever. Everything is 2D, it all appears hand-drawn and it is definitely beautifully crafted. We can tell you straight away that developer(s) of the game went on for the smallest details when creating this game.

So what exactly is Shakes and Fidget? It is an MMO RPG, that much is for certain. However, if you’re expecting a World of Warcraft-like experience in your smart phone, you’re not going to get it. As we have previously mentioned, this is a two-dimensional game and consists mostly of still images and text. That doesn’t mean that it’s not enjoyable when compared to some bigger titles. It is merely not for everyone. If you enjoy idle RPG games, you might like this one as well.



What are the benefits of Shakes and Fidget hack for free mushrooms gold? How do they make my game better?

Mushrooms are the games premium currency. They can only be purchased with real money or obtained by completing missions. The chances for this to happen are extremely slim to say at best. If you’re a serious player and you aim high, sooner or later you will have to get some mushrooms.

How you do this is entirely up to you. The game never forces your hand. It starts as and remains free to play. You will never be required to purchase mushrooms. You can grind quests and dungeons in order to get them. However, it would be a lie if we said that this isn’t a long and tiring process.

It is easier and much more enjoyable to simply cash out and get some mushrooms. Doing this will allow you to focus on the things that really matter in the game and that are far more enjoyable than repeating a request over and over hoping to get some mushrooms drops.

It is a good thing that Shakes and Fidgets cheats allow you to get many free mushrooms. Suffice to say, our Shakes and Fidget Hack will make it possible for you to go through the entire game without ever spending a single dollar on it.

There is also another resource, resources to be exact. Silver and gold. We didn’t make it possible to hack silver simply because 100 silver equals one gold piece. Because of this, we’ve optioned only for gold hacks as it would be pretty obsolete to allow you to hack both of the resources at the same time.


Silver and Gold

Unlike mushrooms, gold and silver can be easily acquired simply by playing the game. They can also be easily spent simply to play the game. If you want to move on in the world, you will need a lot of gold. Simply having a leveled up character is not enough. You will need an adequate gear to harness the full potential and power of your character. Weapons, armor’s, trinkets and everything in between is needed if you are to utilize your characters full potential. Gold will help you with this by allowing you to purchase all different kinds of gear from the local shop.

Additionally, you can train your characters stats by investing money into them. For example, if you’re playing a warrior, you will want to have as much strength and constitution as possible. In order to increase these stats, gold will be required. The amount of gold required will increase every time you level up a specific stat so, it is best to have as much of it as possible as you may never have too much.

Shakes and Fidget Hack will make sure that you never run out of gold, silver or mushrooms on your account. If you are looking to play competitively and reach the top of the leaderboard’s. Shakes and Fidget cheat is something that you should most definitely utilize.


Of course, if you enjoy the game it would only be fair to support the game developers by spending at least something on the game that you like. This is in fact a win-win situation since you are getting the premium resources to do with them as you please. On the other hand, game developer(s) are encouraged to keep working in the game as it brings in revenue for them.


shakes & fidget hack first step

shakes & fidget hack second step


How to use Shakes and Fidget Hack cheat for free gold and mushrooms?

To hack Shakes and Fidget you only have to scroll down to the bottom of this page and look for a red button. You will know this button by its “Online Hack” inscription.

As soon as you see the button, you should press it. It will initialize a fully automated redirection process that will take you exactly where you need to be. Do not close the page/window that opens up once you press the button.

Allow the page to fully load and simply follow the instructions that are written there. Once you do this, you will successfully hack Shakes and Fidget.


It’s worth mentioning that this process is exactly the same for every supported platform. The game is available on Amazon, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Phone and Facebook, and our hack covers them all!


Also, refrain yourself from spamming the Shakes and Fidget Hack. It might be tempting to use the generator in rapid succession but we would advise you against. Not only that it won’t give you what you’re after a sooner, but it can also slow you down.

Spamming the generator results in anti-bot protection. Users that spam the hack tool are mistaken for malicious bots looking to exploit Shakes and Fidget hack. Once something like this happens, everyone will be forced to prove that they are indeed a human user and not a malicious bot before they are allowed to proceed. Because of this and in order to avoid any further setbacks, hack responsibly and do not spam the hack tool.


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