August 7, 2020

Pixel Gun 3D – Weapons, Gear, Gadgets and Pets! Version

more detail about pets in pixel gun 3d

In the last post we‘ve covered Pixel Gun 3D Basics. Now we will see more about weapons, pets and upgrades. Weapons and other equipment are bought in the Armory feature, formerly known as “Shop”. You can use both currencies, gold and gems, to buy various items including weapons, gear, wear, gadgets and more.

The Button for Armory is represented with green box with grenade in front of it. In the box are yellow ammo, medkit and wooden armor. When you enter the Armory menu, you are presented with main categories, on the left. The subcategories are found at the top of the menu. Under them, there are many icons that offer content under specific categories. When you tap on specific icons, you will get its essential information.


The Weapon Section:

Like we have mentioned, the Armory is used for buying weapons, wear, gadgets, league items and to buy pets. It has 5 different sections. First section consists of Weapons. It is the primary source for buying offensive tools. It contains 6 different slots, which are:

  • Primary
  • Backup
  • Melee
  • Special
  • Sniper
  • Heavy


The Wear Section:

User can buy various accessories and armor that they can use for show off or for boosting gameplay. Wear contains 6 slots:

  • Hat
  • Mask
  • Armor
  • Skin
  • Cape
  • Boots


There are also Armory and Gadgets sections which are kind of a sub-section of the above mentioned.

In the 4.0.0 update, the Armory UI has changed for the weaponry. Instead of “Guns”, “Melee”, “Premium” (Heavy) and “Special”, the Armory UI has divided the weaponry in 5 categories: Primary, Backup, Melee, Special and Premium.

Gadgets on the other hand, can be used to help the player fight against rivals or monsters. The Gadgets contains three different slots, being:

  • Throwing
  • Tools
  • Support


However, let’s taka a look at one particular section, one particular aspect of the Pixel Gun 3D Gameplay that we wanted to talk about…

The Pet Section. It consists of pets that fight with the player and Eggs that can give you new pets and training points.


The Pet Section and Pet system in Pixel Gun 3D

In the Pets System, pets are animals that can be hatched from eggs. They will fight on your side in a multiplayer mode or a singleplayer game. They can also be used in Sandbox mode.

Pets (similarly to Weapons) have their own stats which depend on the pet species. You can train them once you collect enough Upgrade Points, and spend your virtual currency on training your pet.

You get one single training point whenever you find a Pet that you already have. All pets teleport to the player once far enough so the player doesn’t have to worry about them being lost.

Eggs are an essential source on getting pets. Once one of them is hatched, it’s possible to receive a new one with the Egg Delivery, which takes up to 12 hours to deliver an egg. It doesn’t matter what part of the shell is colored, only the main color (red, green, purple..) indicates the rarity of the egg.

The Super Incubator costs 75 Gems and allows you to receive 3 random eggs immediately. They can give you Legendary, Epic and Rare pets. At the Super Incubator screen, the Legendary grade isn’t colored red. However, this issue has been fixed in the 11.2.0 update.

You can get the Unicorn, the Phoenix, the Magical Dragon and the Griffin, also known as the Mythical pets by any egg, depending on your luck. (Except for Griffin which is only a pet that can obtained from the Honor Egg.) There is nothing related to pets nor the system in Pixel Gun World, so everything related to the Pet System is exclusive to Pixel Gun 3D. If you really want to have the rarest pets, we would suggest you to hack Pixel Gun 3D.

Some Pets in Pixel Gun 3D

Pets are loyal animal companions who fight on your side. They can be obtained from the Super Incubator for 75 Gems (for 3 eggs) and the Egg Delivery case, which can be opened at least every 12 hours. We will list you some notable pet examples in the Pixel Gun 3D game.


The Dog:

The Dog is a Common Pet added in the 11.1.0 update. This pet is a dog that resembles a Beagle. It has dark brown eyes and brown paws. A level 1 Dog pet does low damage and has minimal health, but it is hard to notice and is therefore able to finish off severely weakened enemies. Your Dog teleports to you when you are far away so you don’t have to worry about it getting “lost” when you rocket jump. Watch out for the Dog with an area damage weapon if you have low health and you know your enemy has one.


The Bat:

The Bat is an Uncommon Pet added in the 11.1.0 update. A level 1 Bat is too weak to kill high level players. You can upgrade it to make it more powerful. The Wolf is an Uncommon Pet introduced in the 11.3.0 update. A level 1 Wolf does low damage and has minimal health, but it is hard to notice and is therefore able to finish off severely weakened enemies. Your Wolf teleports to you when you are far away so you don’t have to worry about it getting “lost” when you rocket jump.


The Arnold 3000:

The Arnold 3000 is a Legendary Pet introduced in the 11.3.0 update. It looks similar to the Dog, albeit with darker fur. Instead of its right eye being normal, it has a mechanically implemented robot eye to it along with a robotic body and robotic wrists and ankles. This is obviously an easter-egg tribute to the Terminator movie and the pet’s name, Arnold being a tribute to  Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A level 1 Arnold 3000 deals a good amount of damage. Arnold 3000 has a good health, a decent speed and a somewhat short respawn time. The Arnold 3000 deals terrifyingly high damage to armor-less or low level players making it a great starter pet.

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