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moviestar planet minigames overview

Who doesn’t want to be a movie star? In this game you take control of character on his or her way to stardom. First you have to create your Star. You have many presets to customize and make your soon to be star feel more personal and to your tastes. And once you create your character it’s time for a Star to be born. Pick up your gifts and let’s set on the journey.

There are many ways for your Star to rise and level up. Of course you can use MovieStar Planet hack to help you get there, but let’s see what other options game has to offer. Today we’ll cover mini games feature. You can get to this feature by clicking on a little controller icon labeled Games located on the main screen. All set? Let’s dive right in.

On Location!

In this fun game you get to do what stars love to do most: style! You can’t even think about movie stars without imagining those beautiful outfits they get to wear. So what is the point of this game? You swipe to find matching styles and backgrounds. It’s that easy! There are three categories: hair, tops and bottoms. For every part you try on you get two StarPoints. You get +5 combo for every two matching parts and +10 for completing the outfit. There is no limitation and you can stack your Star Points and level up pretty easily this way. Who says having a fashion sense can’t help you get to your dreams faster?

But your Star is not only doll to be dressed up. So let’s see what other options you have to help your Star raise ranks!


minigame selection screenshot


Crazy Cards

This mini game is a spin off of popular game called Cards Against Humanity. Of course it’s rated 4+ so game is adjusted for a wider age gap. If you don’t know how Card Against Humanity work let’s break it down for you.

You have up to five players competing in game of wits and humor. Each round starts with one player as a judge while other four try to find answer most suitable for the person who is judging. In the beginning you get six answer cards to choose from. And the answer most suitable for the question wins. At the start of every next round you get one more answer card so your total number of choices is always six. Once it’s your turn to judge you don’t get the new card but now it’s your time to determine a winner. Questions are predetermined in this take on a game but nonetheless fun to vote on. You can choose whichever answer you find most suitable. Be it the funniest or the correct one.

First Star to reach five points wins. The winner gets awarder up to 650 Star Points while other get up to 250 consolation StarPoints. To sweeten the pot, winner gets a little bonus: spin the wheel! Spinning the wheel ears you some StarCoins if you’re normal user and Diamonds for MovieStarPlanet VIP users.


Of course, to become a real Star you can’t be only about style and humor! You need your wits too. That’s where this fun little game comes into play. What better way to make your Star shine than to show off your trivia knowledge! In this fun mini game you compete against up to three players in fields of your common knowledge, geography, movie trivia, etc. Every question has three answers to choose from and you have to answer in 10 seconds time limit. First person to correctly answer to ten questions wins. Also, winner gets to spin the wheel and earns some StarCoins too.

So get your thinking cap on and get your Star some StarPoints while learning. What more can you ask for?


Create and Rate

In this addition to the mini games you get to vote on styled looks and clothes other members have submitted. And what shows off your great taste more than judging other peoples looks? Only showing off your amazing styling skills of course. But in this fun game you and other players answer the question “What do you think is more popular?”. Two loadouts or clothing items get pitted against each other and the Vox Populi determines a winner. If you guess correctly you’re awarded one point. Five points in a row get you to the next level. With each level up you get double StarPoints and StarCoins. But be wary, one wrong answer resets your score and you loose double bonus. So make sure you look hard and channel your inner diva to help you determine the popularity.

Make or break other Stars’ looks and help yourself on your way to greatness with some StarPoints on the way. Nothing can be more fun, right?


boonies with msp avatars


Boonie Planet

Boonie Planet is a game developed by MovieStarPlanet Inc. You can access it’s download page via Game Gallery option in your MovieStarPlanet Game reel. It’s the only option available at this moment but boy is it a fun one. This full game is all about the adorable little creatures called Boonies. We won’t go into full game review as it is its own separate game but here are some of the features available to you:

  • Create your own unique Boonie!
  • Try and collect them all! Collect and raise your family of Boonies.
  • Taking care of your family! Play, feed and wash your little ones.
  • Dress them up however you like.
  • Explore and find secret Boonie hideouts and collect awesome treasure.
  • Chat with your friends!
  • Connect to MovieStarPlanet and show off your Boonie.

And that’s about it. We covered all the games. Now you just have to set on your journey and decide where to spend all your hard earned StarCoins.

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