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some more features of MSP game

We already talked about the mini games you can indulge yourself with during your time as a movie star in one of our previous articles. We all love gameception features and MovieStarPlanet offers not one, but five mini in-game games: On Location!, Crazy cards, Quiz, Create and Rate and Boonie Planet.

Furthermore, one other distinct feature we covered was a well-known VIP Status. To recall, it is a premium membership you can purchase in-game that provides you with special game-related perks and benefits. So make sure to look it up, there are multiple versions you can choose in regard to your economic abilities.

Certainly, the video game competition has never been more fired up. With more and more games being developed faster and faster, it is hard to stand out. This is even more emphasized in the ever-growing market of mobile games. As a result, most of them are free and easily accessible, but how many of them really succeed in holding your attention more than a couple of days? Probably, in most cases you will download a game, play if for a while just to see what it has to offer and move on to the next one. Due to that, it is important for a game to be able to deliver something new and fresh to keep you hooked. Seems like the more of the original content the game has to offer, the more of the attention you’ll provide.

No matter how hard it is to produce something new and original these days, MovieStarPlanet still managed to score some hits. So let’s take a look at some of the distinguishable features this mobile game has to offer, beside the ones we already covered in the previous articles.


Wheel of fortune

First of all, there is a Wheel of fortune and it is exactly what its name implies. It is a wheel that brings fortune. No more, no less. It pops-up on the screen once a day and you can spin it in order to receive additional StarCoins. You can spin it only once, except if you’re willing to trade 1 Diamond for additional spin. It comes in really handy if you set you mind on getting more StarCoins.

Certainly some of you will find it pretty addictive and start thinking that once a day is not nearly enough. So if you have no additional Diamonds to spare, there is still a way to spin that wheel more than that. Hence, if you allow yourself a pleasure of purchasing premium VIP membership, you will be provided with bonus daily quota for spinning. The amount of attempts you get as a bonus depends on the type of the membership you bought.


wheel of fortune mini msp game



Are you tired of spinning the wheel? Do you want to try something new? Well, take a look at animations. They are another special feature in MovieStarPlanet. In their purest form, they are specific ‘actions’ that you can use in movies, chat rooms, art books, mini games, statuses and Clubs.

Animations are many and developers made sure that new ones are added on a regular basis. In order to make it easy for you to make your mind about which ones to choose, they are divided into the following categories:

  • Animals & Pets
  • Acting & Dancing
  • Basic
  • Fighting
  • Fun & Cool
  • Poses
  • Party & Fashion
  • Sporty
  • Wild & Crazy

There are many aspects to this game. Seems like there are also animations to spice up each one of them!



Yet another distinct feature of MovieStarPlanet are these things called Clubs. “What are those Clubs everyone’s talkin’ ’bout?”, you ask. Well, let us walk you through that one.

Clubs are another special aspect of the game that allow movie stars to ‘hang’ together. They are centered around specific topic. Even more, if you are a member, you can share videos, looks and pictures with other members of the same club. Furthermore, they can play a part of a specialized chat rooms where you can start conversations with other stars.

Most noteworthy, besides being able to join a club, you can also create a new one if you feel like it. You don’t like some of the people in your current club? Go and make your own! While most of the clubs are public, there are also ones that are not. If you want to join a private one, you will have to wait for the club owner to accept your request to join. Or deny it.


moviestar planet boonie pets companion



“Never trust a man who doesn’t own a pet” is what my granny used to say. In MovieStarPlanet pets are called Boonies. Although lexicographic inspiration for the word is unknown to us at the moment, we admit it’s quiet catchy. You can purchase pet same way as you would purchase anything else in the game. So if you earned more StarCoins than you can handle (or used msp cheats), go ahead and buy yourself a Boonie! Almost every real world movie star has it anyway and there is no reason for you to differ.

It’s probably worth noting that it is not enough to just own one. You must also take care of it. Otherwise, it will become sick and you will have to feed it medicine (which costs by the way!). And how do you take care of your pet? Well, you feed it, of course. Just like the real one. When you feed it, you raise it’s level, but the higher the level of your Boonie, the harder it is to afford it’s food. So make sure not to overdo it. You don’t want it to get fat and lazy and roll on the floor for the most of the day!

So now that you are aware of how many features there are in MovieStarPlanet to keep you interested, go on and give it a shot! Oh, and we almost forgot – you can play soccer with your Boonie!

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