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monster legend tips and tricks

Hello fellow Monster Legends players! We’ve decided to dedicate this whole article to Monster Legends.

We’re gonna cover everything from top to bottom, so be sure to read the whole article.

We’ll start off with the newest updates that were released. There is much to talk about if you haven’t played Monster Legends in the last few months. This might just be the right moment to jump back in, stay and see for yourself.

Secondly we’ll give you some tips on how to play both old and newer content. We know that most of the people that are reading this are experienced. But we don’t want anyone to feel left out so we’re going to talk about it all.

Lastly we’ll talk about the game in general and we are going to give our opinions on it!

Aside from the usual schedule there might be some additional content throughout the article. During our preparation we might add some things here and there. It will surely make things slightly more interesting and complete.

All in all we think you will like it as we tried really hard to bring you the most interesting stuff there is about Monster Legends.

Be sure to leave us the feedback related to this article. If we get enough positive feedback we might consider doing one of these articles again!

So let us dive right into the subject, starting with the newest updates!


What’s New In Monster Legends? – Latest Updates Reviews

So the latest update that hit Monster Legends was called Eldritch’s Abomination Maze. It hit the live servers on 27th of July and we were more than happy when it did.

So essentially this is another maze update that let’s you obtain new monsters. There are a few ways to do this and the choice is yours. You can either choose to rush the maze just for the keys. The other option is to thoroughly do the whole maze.

By doing the latter you will be in a position to get more monsters and coins. Keep a look out for the Ophiuchus as he is one of the strongest Epic monsters that you can get.

Moving on onto the update that went live on 6th of JulyMonstershore Island! This update brings you four completely new and fresh monsters. Aside from the monsters of course, you will be able to get other marvelous rewards that include Elementium.

However keep in mind that Monstershore Island requires items for you to get the monsters in it. So be sure to stack up on them and come prepared! One heads up – breed a combination of Earth and Fire types before heading in, they might prove very useful!

New updates also brought in better game design and navigation. For example you may now check player’s info in their profiles, from solo stats to team activity.

There is a new attack log implemented into the Monster Legends. You can now analyze your previous attacks as well as the defense performance in the log.

Your Defense Team can get trophies for their achievements! Revenge is now also easier than ever!

Aside from that there were some filters added for easier navigation through your owned Eggs.


Monster Legends – Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Literally the first thing you should know about Monster Legends is that it revolves around monster types similar to Pokemon.
Each monster has it’s own Element that defines it’s strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a short list that explains the whole thing in an easy way:

Element: Stronger Than: Weaker Than:
Thunder Water Earth
Earth Thunder Dark
Dark Earth Light
Light Dark Magic
Magic Light Nature
Nature Magic Fire
Fire Nature Water
Water Fire Thunder

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This is basically an advanced game of rock-paper-scissors!

After identifying your enemies be sure to form a counter-team. Choose monsters whose elements are stronger then your opponent’s. This ensures that you have an upper hand in fights.

Try to find out who you’re fighting before the battle even starts. Each monster is unique in it’s own way and their Special Skills differ from each other. If you’re not sure what your monster’s special ability is click on Habitat and then Monster Icon.

Use Special Items in fights! They are easily overlooked by newcomers but they do make a huge difference. There is the Items button just below the Recharge button. From there you can either Buy or Use the already existing items.

Be sure to build multiple farms for your monster’s food. Click the Build button associated with Farms. From there on you can choose three types of food to grow: Sea Grapes, Sweet Pepper and Blue Lizard’s Tail. The more you grow them – the more food they will give you!

Oh, and keep an eye on your Gems. As they are a multi-purpose tool and are very valuable. So valuable in fact that you have to buy the with real money.

There are a few ways to get free gems for Monster Legends. The best way to do it is leveling up!


Monster Legends – Our General Opinions

Lastly we’d like to express our opinions on Monster Legends.
It is no secret that we do enjoy this game. Our continuous posts and articles about it sure tell you a lot about of feelings for it.

However in the sea of casual mobile games we think that Monster Legends is leaning towards real RPG that should be played on a phone.

Of course we would prefer a more in-depth RPG, something similar to games found on a console or a PC. Being that it’s played on smartphones and tablets we’re completely satisfied with it. Let’s face it – smartphone games should be a little bit more casual-oriented.

It might just be the ‘Pokemon nostalgia’ but we really like the combat system in the game. There are so many ways to counter your enemies! However there are just as many ways for enemies to counter you, so it’s a fair trade.

So there you have it, with this we conclude our article and we hope to see you again next time!


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