July 6, 2020

Monster Legends – Best Monsters You Can Own! Version

best monsters in the game

Since there was so much attention given to our last article about Monster Legends, we’ve decided to make another one.

We’ve already covered the basics as well as some tips and tricks, this time we’ll present you something different. However if you missed the last article and would like to catch up you can find it here. Be sure to read it if you want to know the content of the latest updates!

So this time we are creating a list that will show you the best monsters you can own in Monster Legends. The order of the list isn’t proportional to the quality of the presented monster. It’s simply there to make the article look better and to be easier to navigate through it.

The monsters presented here are supposed to be the best of the best. At least from what we know from playing the game so far. If you come across something that we missed, feel free to point it out so we can fix it.

We’ll try to get the official information as much as we can, but it is very hard to find. There is no official wiki for Monster Legends which makes the job very hard. Therefore we’ll base our list on empirically confirmed facts that we managed to acquire.

Some of these monsters might be very hard if not impossible to find. So please keep in mind that this isn’t a guide on how to get them, but just their list.

So that about covers our introduction for this list, we hope that everything is clear now! Let’s get straight into it, shall we?



Tempest is considered to be the best Thunder monster by most of the players. His high HP and heavy attack damage makes him quite a formidable foe. His attacks are one of the best and aside from that he can stun often. He can even stun all enemies at once if you’re lucky enough!

Aside from high HP and Damage he is extremely fast too! With enough speed runes he can become faster than VoltaiK!

Combine him wisely with other strong monsters and your team quickly becomes unstoppable!




Varuna was once a very ambitious pirate. However he drowned after his ship sank but before drawing his final breath Varuna saw Death itself. He begged Death not to die, even at the price of his soul. Now he wanders below the sea, soulless and angry, unleashing his wrath upon the good souls.

He has very high survival potential and when combined with Cascade Vortex and Brutal Tsunami, nothing can stop him. Aside from the great survival skills he can also control the enemy team by freezing them!




Barbatos is one mean looking monster! He looks like the devil himself and is thought to represent the ‘monsterification’ of wickedness. He rules the thirty legions of demons straight from hell. Even though he commands his legions, he truly enjoys battling in front rows. He’s even willing to hurt himself in order to harm others!

Probably the most powerful Dark monster currently in the game. He’s capable of destroying enemies with one attack and makes the dungeons way too easy! Most of the people tend to avoid fighting him because of his immense strength.




He is most likely the complete opposite to Barbatos in terms of lore and looks. Uriel aka ‘The Light of God’ is lore-wise the oldest monster to ever walk the earth. The power of his Holy Light is accessible only to master players. Do you have what it takes to control him?

He takes much time to develop and become usable in fight, but with good reason… He is currently the only monster that can resurrect your team! Without a doubt he’s the best healing monster in the game and a fine addition to any team. It might cost too much for him to develop but in the end it will be worth it. You may check out our Monster Legend online generator on on our site if you’re having trouble gathering enough resources for him.




Also one of the legendary monsters, Timerion is considered to be very rare and very strong. He is one of the first artifacts in history and wasn’t made as a tool of destruction. Supposedly he was made to be used in Monster War II but he never had seen the light of day…until now!

He may be old, but he is deadly and shouldn’t be taken lightly! He owns the most unique skill set in the game and if used correctly can be the ultimate supporter of your team. Maybe even better in Uriel, especially in defense mode.

He has immunity to all status effects, however he isn’t immune to instant effects. Meaning he can be killed by Noctum’s special skill, but cannot be killed by Metalhead’s special skill.



Lord Moltus

The Lord of the Blaze is very eager to defeat his enemies with his purifying powers of fire! Few are those who met with his mace, the Burning Star and lived to tell the tale.

Lord Moltus is an all around damage dealer. Burning Star cannot be resisted and is your strongest move that has stun effect. It has 55 Base Power and only 2CD. Use him to farm very quickly and save yourself much time.

He’s good paired up with anybody except for another damage dealer. He doesn’t need more damage dealers in his team. Immobilizers and supporters go very good combined with Lord Moltus as he lacks these two.




VoltaiK is probably one of the most popular monsters currently in the game! He is frequently sought after and the craze for him just doesn’t seem to stop.

VoltaiK is a superhero monster that is said to be as quick as lightning itself! He can finish the battle before you even notice it started. He’s got a really big ego just like his rival Firestorm.



VoltaiK alongside General Thetys, Timerion and Zyla belongs to a group of so called ‘Gods’ of Monster Legends. They’re omnipresent and can quickly shred down entire teams with little to no support. However he is considered to be the strongest of the ‘Gods’ since he is stronger and faster than any other ‘God’.

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