July 8, 2020

Iron Force Hack! – Free Funds and Diamonds – No Survey! Version

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Greetings everyone! This time we are bringing you Iron Force Hack for free Funds and Diamonds, our generator is up and running!

Now it’s been a while since we played this kind of game. To be honest we have never been a fan of these but, we covered it up for you anyway.

See there is a special thing about Iron Force and it makes it unique, however in a pretty bad way. You know that we at GameBag support hard-working developers and encourage the justified in-app purchases. However when they come stuffing them down your throat, we are sickened.

We get it – you want to make a quick buck… But please for the love of God let us finish training before covering our screen with ads!

Like that wasn’t enough, you have to pay for absolutely everything! Since your tank fuel is gone before you know it, good luck farming resources! Once the tank is empty you need to wait for 30 minutes or spend Diamonds. Tank fuel is spent when you play for about 10 minutes…yeah we didn’t like that either.

However we have to point out that Iron Force let’s you earn Diamonds while playing. This process is very slow of course and we had about 15 gems after 60 matches.

Other than that, Iron Force is not a bad game. Especially if you’re into World of Tanks Blitz and other similar games.
Matchmaking is good and you’re always placed with players that are roughly the same strength as you are.

So let’s see what the game really is about and look up if our Iron Force hack can help you out?



Iron Force Review – Gameplay, Tips, Trick and Funds and Diamonds Hack

Iron Force is basically a dumbed-down version of World of Tanks Blitz. However if you find these types of game enjoyable this might be just the thing. Even though there aren’t many maps and the experience isn’t immersive, this is a decent smartphone game.
You can play Iron Force on both iOS and Android devices, sorry Windows users.

Don’t expect too much out of this game though since you may disappoint yourself. Essentially this game will keep you occupied for about 10-15 minutes. After that it’s at least a 30 minute wait for the next round – or you can just hack the Diamonds.

There is not much strategy involved in this game since the positioning doesn’t mean much. You can get hit even when standing behind walls and other obstacles.

Aside from that the reload times are very long. While some may speculate that this is ‘realistic’ we think this kind of realism has no place in smartphone games.

You can’t really evade gunfire if your opponent knows even the basics of aiming. This is due to the very slow movement speed that is once again pretty annoying.

There are many tanks to choose from! However most of the tanks are locked behind a pay-wall or should we say a diamond-wall. Once again the game forces you to spend real money since obtaining those amounts of diamonds is very tough. This isn’t a problem for you however since you can just use our generator and buy any tank you wish.

You can of course upgrade tanks in Iron Force. We don’t suggest doing this because you can barely notice the difference and it puts quite a dent in your wallet.

It’s better just to buy the 50$ top-tier tank and be over with it.



iron force free diamonds hack tool


How to Use our Iron Force Hack and What are the Benefits?


If you came to this part of the article you clearly have one thing in mind – hacking Funds and Diamonds!

The process itself is rather easy you just have to follow some basic steps, and we’ll explain every detail here.

  1. First of all you need to scroll down and find a red “Online Hack” button.
  2. You need to press the button and go to the redirected page.
  3. When you press the button you will arrive at the “Connection Stage”, from there you need to establish a secured connection to one of our servers. Press the “Connect” button and let the process finish itself
  4. Once a secure connection has been established, click “Proceed” and then you have finally reached the Funds and Diamonds generator! From there on follow the built-in instructions, and be sure to follow them thoroughly. Otherwise you won’t get the desired results!

By using our Iron Force hack you are able to play how much and however you want! You will get rid of all the pay-walls and pay-to-win aspects of the game.

This is important because many of the game’s original content is indeed locked behind a pay-wall. That won’t be a problem for you however. Because by using our hack you can get almost unlimited funds and diamonds.

With out hack you can level up in a matter of hours. Making you one of the fastest rising Iron Force players on the leaderboards. Not many people will be able to stop you in your brand new and fully upgraded Serpens!

So before going and using our Iron Force hack we must ask you to do one more thing for us.

Don’t worry the hack is still free, however we have to ask you this…


Please Don’t Spack Our Iron Force Hack!

As with every generator that we make, it’s placed on a server. Many generators are established on that same server. Now imagine every one of our users spamming the hack… That can (and will) lead to many problems.

These problems won’t help anyone – we lose your trust, you lose your resource – nobody wins!
This is why we have to ask you once again not to flood our servers with requests! You can do this by not spamming the generate button.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and we hope that you will hack rationally!

See you next time commander, happy hacking!


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