How To Install Kodi On Chromecast Using Android, PC Version

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Kodi software is an open source and designed for the home entertainment which is for free. You can stream any thing on using the Kodi chromecast. The presence of the kodi on chromecast may bring a lot of entertainment in the application. Using the Chromecast Kodi, we can say merely in use on TV. You can browse anything by using this application. Many of the users do not know the installation process of the Kodi on Chromecast. After the launch of this Kodi application, Many new softwares are evolved to present a great way.

Kodi on Chromecast

Chromecast is also one which it gives the best streaming, and you can stream the Kodi to chromecast and enjoy the live TV.  Various methods are using to the installation process of Kodi on Chromecast through Android, PC, or Mac. The method has tested thoroughly and worked perfectly when you install the Kodi on Chromecast. By using the Android phones, we prefer to take the application from Google Play and this method will work very well. Both of the methods are simple and straight forward. All you have to complete few downloads and then follow the guides mentioned in this article.

Using an Android or PC install Kodi on Chromecast

There are so many best methods to stream the Kodi’s connect to the chromecast because it is light software on your Android devices. The video plays on your Chromecast Kodi device even when the device is locked, and unlike the other methods, we have listed below. The video streaming on the Chromecast connected to the TV is flawless in the method. So check out some ways to install this Kodi software on your devices.

Kodi on Chromecast

Install Kodi on a Chromecast using a computer

You can use the Kodi Chromecast using your computer or laptop. Check the below steps to get the Kodi Chromecast on your PC.

Kodi on Chromecast

  • Download Chrome and extension and also ensure that you have the Kodi application or XBMC installed on your laptop or PC.
  • Install the Chrome extension on your web browser.
  • Open the chrome and select the cast option in the extension settings in Chromecast.
  • Check for the cast this tab to in the right, and You will see some small arrow button. Clik on it and select the cast entire screen.
  • Your system screen will stream on your TV.
  • Open the Kodi or XMBC, select the video you wanted to watch in this software.

Install Kodi on chromecast Using the Android Phones and Tablets

To install the software on your mobile device, you need to follow the below steps. Here we can give the step-by-step process to install the Kodi in Chromecast for Android smartphones.

Kodi on Chromecast

  • You have to download the ES file explorer, Kodi application. Player Factory core on your device.
  • Open the ES file explorer and go to the settings and select the display and click on shown hidden files.
  • Connect the Kodi or XMBC media center to the KOdi application.
  • Go to the ES file explorer and open the downloads folder.
  • Check for the extension player factory core.
  • Copy the file and move to your Android devices.
  • Now look for the file it depends on the streamer you are using.
  • Open the files .kodi or.XMBC depending on which have used and then paste cire factory file in this folder.
  • Now open the software and move the video file to which you want to watch.
  • Kodi will launch the local cast and will ask you to use the casting application. Once downloaded it will prompt and press play and streaming will start.
  • It will ask for the device to select and choose any device which you want to use and click play again.

XCheck the more details about the Kodi software

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