How to fix Last Day on Earth Survival When it Gets Stuck on Loading

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How to fix Last Day on Earth Survival When it Gets Stuck on Loading

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How to fix Last Day on Earth Survival When it Gets Stuck on Loading. When it comes to video games, there is a a lot of all different kinds of things that can go wrong. Video games are just pieces of software made by other people and usually (and especially lately) some of the best and most successful game developers are people like me and you who simply like to play the games and don’t really have all of the experience or technical knowledge to make their game perfect.

Some of them might haven’t even studied videogame development, they just happened to like video games at some point in their lives and decided to give it a try and see what they can make for themselves. It is pretty much like with everything else, honestly but it just so happens that videogame development is something that is rather accessible and to be honest, quite profitable nowadays and it is no wonder that many people, gamers and even those who had no previous ties to this industry are giving this increasingly popular medium a try for all different kinds of reasons.

Technical perfection and polish doesn’t come cheap either so it’s generally a good idea to support the game you like and buy a couple of things through the in-game store. It is necessary to playtest the game for hundreds and thousands of hours to make sure that the every different aspect of the game works flawlessly in conjunction with the others so, when we have a game that is still in its development phase like the last Day on Earth, it is a pretty common thing to face bugs, glitches and it problems in general more often.

screenshot from the game

Why is Last Day on Earth glitching and bugging for some players?

You have to understand is that this game is in its “beta” state. Basically there are three types of game development stages one of them being “alpha”, the other one being “beta” and the third and final one being the game’s final stage.

The third stage means that the game is ready to be played. It means that the game has been play tested and developed to a point where the developers think the game is complete and doesn’t require any additional features in order to be sold or handed out as a full product. This usually happens after a couple of months or years of development (depending on the game itself) and you can easily tell whether or not the game is complete by its version number. If the games version is “1.0”, it means that the game is probably complete and polished to a playable state, at least in theory.

And then we have alpha and beta test phases which are little bit different.

Alpha is a state of the game where the ideas and concepts are being tested and it is usually a phase where the developers are deciding whether or not certain features and mechanics are going to make it in the final product or not. It is basically the early development and it is usually conducted by the development team and nobody else although, there are some exceptions and some games will openly invite you to help them test their product in a close community alpha or even pre-alpha testing phase.

LDOE bugs in the gameAnd then we have beta which is the state of the game that that the Last Day on Earth is. Even though the game is well beyond version 1.0, the game developers are still considering it to be in the state of development however unlike most of the games, they have made their testing phase publicly available for everyone. They even tell you at the beginning of the game how things are and that the game is still developing but, you’re free to come and play as a part of the community and maybe even contribute to the games development with your valuable feedback.

How to fix Last Day on Earth not loading bug?

So next time that you have some problem with your game, don’t swear and hate on the developers. Remember that the game is still being developed and updated rather frequently and that they’ve given you the opportunity to play this amazing game for free before it’s actually complete. Show them a gesture of goodwill and maybe submit a bug report telling them about the problems you’re having so that they can fix it in the upcoming updates.

However, since the updates can take a while to arrive and you want to play your game as soon as possible, remember that there are some methods that can help you get past this annoying problem and allow you to enjoy your game as you normally would be able to.

So if you are one of the unlucky ones who have problems with the game and are unable to progress further than the loading screen which for some reason doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do, don’t worry because it’s not that big of deal. Here are some fixes they can help you resolve the Last Day on Earth Survival not loading for you.

#1: Update your game in order to resolve the Last Day on Earth “not loading” problem!

This is usually the best solution. Sometimes the games will fail to update themselves for numerous reasons. One of these reasons can be that the user specifically told the game not to update by disabling their automatic updates option. This can happen unwillingly sometimes if the user is an experienced then they don’t know what they do with their smart phones and tablets.

It could also be that one of your friends did it on purpose to mess with you or perhaps one of your relatives did it unintentionally and was to scared to confront you about it openly. No matter what the cases, you should try to update your game manually if it doesn’t start as it should.

And if you’re thinking about older versions and see them as superior to the newer ones, just remember that there is always a reason for updates and that the developers are trying to deliver inferior products so if there was a change that you might not necessarily like, there’s probably a reason for it and that reason might be why your game isn’t starting. So go get that update!

first things first check for game updates

#2: Check the game’s social media pages for information about the game’s current status.

This is “early access” game which means that maintenances and server downtimes are going to happen from time to time and they are not supposed to. This is because the game is still in development and minute changes have to be made all the time.

This is perfectly fine and if you see a lot of server downtime and unscheduled maintenances, you should realize this is actually a good thing and that it means that the developers are actively working in the game to bring you the best possible experience as fast as possible.

Trying to connect to the game during the server downtime is a waste of time and checking up on social media pages like Facebook and twitter is a good way to see if it is even possible to connect at this particular moment so before you try to update or reinstall the game, check the servers status first!

check out if its a server problem

#3: Make sure the problem is not on your end!

Sometimes the games are faulty but sometimes the gamers are as well. You can easily disconnect’s from the Internet by an unintentionally plugging out your cable or turning off your wireless. Sometimes, your phone will decide to get off of the known network for some reason. Smart phones can be really weird nowadays and you should never exclude the option that they are acting up and faulty.

check out your internet connectionYour Internet service provider could also be down for whatever reasons so, make sure that you have access to the Internet if you have any problems with the game. What you can do is disconnect from your wireless, wait for a couple of seconds and try to connect us again.

Additionally, you can turn off your wireless connection and switch to mobile carriers cellular data to see if that one will yield some results.

It easy way to check if your device has Internet access is to paying a random website on the Internet. Websites like Google, Bing, you to you, Facebook and other well-known websites are all a valid option here so just try to connect with one of those and if it doesn’t work, then the problem is on your end and not with the game.

#4: Sign into Google Play / Apple Store if Last Day on Earth is not loading for you!

Google Play or Apple Store account is required to play this game. Unlike with the iOS, Google Play can sometimes disconnect you or perhaps you have deliberately shut it down for whatever reasons you might have for doing so. What you want to do is to try and reconnect with the service and retry the process again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using iOS, if you can’t connect with the game’s because it’s not loading properly for you, you might want to try and reconnect with the Game Center just in case. The iOS is much more reliable than Google Play because it is restrictive but it is still a machine and you should not overlook the possibility of its failure just because of its brand.

This particular method has resolved Last Day on Earth not loading problem for quite a number of people so you might as well be one of them. Give it a go.

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How to fix Last Day on Earth Survival When it Gets Stuck on Loading – Conclusion

And that’s pretty much it. These are the four methods are more than likely to fix any problem that you might have with the game and if that doesn’t work, then perhaps the game itself has encountered some serious problem and you’re not the only one.

Try asking some of your friends were playing the game if they are experiencing the same problem for themselves. It could might as well be that the game has encountered some critical issue which is being fixed at the time you’re trying to connect with the game.

You should also know that deleting your game can be risky as you are probably going to lose your in game progress. What you can do to prevent this is to connect your device to your computer and store your game files on a local drive.

Uploading your game files onto a cloud service like iCloud, Google Drive or One Drive can also help you preserve your precious game data so that you don’t have to start all over in case you decide to completely reinstall the game.

I hope this has been helpful and that it fixes the game for all of you who are experiencing the annoying problem of the Last Day on Earth screen freeze / game not loading. Hopefully you aren’t going to need the help that I’ve listed here ever, but just in case you do, I’m glad that I’ve written all of this.

Also, if it happens that you have an additional method, something that you’ve discovered on your own or something that you heard about elsewhere that can potentially fix this problem, do let me know and I will update this article with your information and give you credit where it’s due.

Let me know if my guide helped you and if you haven’t been able to fix your game with the above mentioned known solutions and I will look into it even further but I honestly hope that it wont come  to that. Until next time guys, read guides, play games and keep rising ever higher! Curtis out…

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