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Tumbler is one of the most used social media networking websites. You can have a lot of fun on Tumbler as you can see different posts as well as various videos and photos. Also, can find millions of different online stuff and it will not let you bore. You have to create the account, and you will have a plenty of fun on the social media site. The problem with Tumbler does not provide the downloading directly of photos and Tumbler Videos. Are you people are looking to download the videos and pictures in Tumbler? Don’t worry, and here we are providing the steps to download the Tumbler Photos and Videos.

Tumbler Videos

There are thousands of videos and photos, and there are plenty of them we liked to see, and we want to save them to your mobile device. Some videos are funny that can make laugh every time you see Tumbler Videos. If you do not have internet access if you are on a long journey. You will miss the fun that you have the daily routine. To get rid of this critical situation, you will have to save videos and photos to your phone. You can not download the files directly from the tumbler.

Download Tumbler Videos and GIFs in Android

Browsing in Tumbler is a lot of fun since you find the funny and entertaining GIFs and also videos. The thing that you wanted to download the GIFs and Videos and you are browsing Tumbler using Android device.

Tumbler Videos

  • Open the official account of Tumbler on your device.
  • Download and Install the Video Downloader application on your mobile or system.
  • After installing the applications, open the Tumbler and browse any GIF or Video that you want to download.
  • Find the Share button and tap on it and you will see the list of options where you want to share your post.
  • Select the Tumbler Video Downloader.

Tumbler Videos

  • The Tumbler Video downloader application will automatically process your request and just a matter of the seconds.

Tumbler Videos

  • You will be able to download and save the GIF or Video to your device and tap on the Download GIF or Download Video option.
  • Check all the items that you have to download and kept the video downloader app, just go to the downloads tab.

Tumbler Videos

Keeping Tumbler Video without having any Software

  • Give a right click on the Tumbler video and select Inspect.
  • Press the Ctrl+F on the keyboard and search.
  • Get a pop up on the lower left corner.
  • Type video in the box and then press Enter key.
  • Find the location video and then link before it starts with the https is the URL of the video.
  • Right click on your mouse and select the open link in new tab.
  • A new interface will pop up and play the video on the screen and then click on the right click the mouse.
  • Select the saved video as the file name.
  • Give the video a new name and choose a saving location, then click on save.

Save the Tumbler Videos with Video Recorder

For saving all the videos in Tumbler, you could use the recording way that enables you to get the music and videos of the files to your computer. Screen Recorder is an app.

Tumbler Videos

  • Run screen recorder on your windows PC and click on the screen recorder file.
  • Turn on the system Audio and disable the Microphone Audion to avoid any noise.
  • Find the Video on Tumbler, and you want to download play it to see the video is what you want correctly.
  • This software selects the recording area and then click REC on this application to start to record, preview and save the Tumbler video that downloads your videos on Tumbler.

Get the details to save the Tumbler app videos

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If you have adblock active, must disable it to see download button.