Guides,Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K18 Game

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Guides,Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K18 Game

Guides,Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K18 Game is (as we already have seen times and times again) a game of incredible depth and there’s always something new to learn about it. I’ve said this countless times and I will say it again, there is always something new to learn and there are always ways in which you can improve your skill and become better than you were before.

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In the past, I have tried to provide as much insight and guidance for new players regarding specific aspects of the game, I try to help you guys become better and for the most part I would say that I have exceeded based on the positive feedback that I have been receiving lately. It means a lot to us and I want to personally thank you for taking out a moment of your time to send the some feedback about my (as well as all of our ) work around the Rise of Gamers). Thank you guys!

Because of that, I wanted to go one step further and compile a a guide with all kinds of different tips and tricks for NBA 2K18 in general and go over all of the things that I’ve left out during my previous writeups.

Of course, as I have already stated in the past, it would be very hard to cover everything regarding this game so I won’t even try to do that, in fact I will focus on the things that seem to be most important or at least the ones that I know that you guys are interested in so expect to see a little bit of everything without too much form and not particularly related to one game aspect or the other.

So to start with the absolute champion of the frequently asked questions and talk about some previously left out things about virtual currency farming.

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Tips and tricks to easily and quickly earn virtual currency for yourself

It should not come as a surprise that the virtual currency is one of the most sought out things in the game, it practically controls all of its aspects. While I have talked about the virtual currency in the past and you can read everything about that if you follow this link, I wanted to add some of that as well as this newfound information into this general guide as well as to address some alternative methods for virtual currency farming that I have discovered in the meantime.

Pretty much everyone is disgusted by virtual currency and how shamelessly 2K decided to implement it into this year’s release. Its economic grip seems to be tightening its grab around your freedom in the game and it is absolutely understandable that some players, hell even most so the players are deciding to roll with the cheat for virtual currency there are still those among you who want to play the game without resorting to cheats but also without having to cash out not so small amounts of real money for not so micro transactions so, I have found a way to maximize their virtual currency gain in the shortest and easiest amount of time possible. Here’s how we do it.

Keep the VC flowing in your way with MyLeague Simcast Live

MyLeague is definitely one of the most lucrative modes in this game and has always been so in fact, he goes to a level where a single game can earn you around 1000 virtual currency points per single contest. That is an absolutely crazy number right there. However, contests takes time and we’re all about quickly earning virtual currency so that’s kind of not topic related but it’s good to know it either way. But did you know that you can earn VC quickly in this mode even if you simulate the game without actually having to play it?

It’s actually rather easy to do and you can do it yourself right now if you starts MyLeague with any team whatsoever and set the quarter length to a total of 12 minutes. You have to go to the games calendar and simulate a game using Simcast Live while setting the game speed to six times faster than normal rating. Also, it doesn’t really matter which difficult you choose as long as you sets all of the other parameters as I’ve just explained.

Participating in the simulation or not participating in it yourself doesn’t really matter. You’re going to earn 400 BC basically for free for every game you play this way. In fact, it is guaranteed and it doesn’t even matter what are your team loses or wins the game, you just have to simulate it and let it play out.

Idling it while you are away!

This is absolutely great method for those of you who cannot spend that much time on the game or those of you that can in fact spend time but cant spend the money. In other words, whether you go to school or you have to go to work, you can simply start a MyLeague game each morning (or anytime of the day ) before you depart and since the simulation doesn’t require any sort of input on the players end, you can expect to see it completed upon your return. And not only will you get to progress throughout the game this way, you are also going to earn some of the virtual currency this way. The best thing about this process is that you can repeat it every single day without any restrictions and even do it twice a day if you decide to leave your system running throughout the night. Pretty cool, right?

So to sum it up, you get to earn 800 virtual currency every day for doing absolutely nothing. True, your console has to be on, throughout the entire day but if you are concern about that, configure it so that it goes into sleep mode after being idle for some time because the simulation doesn’t take a lot of time to complete after which your system will recognize it as idle and put it into sleep mode.

Additionally, if you are at home but have some more important things to do and simply can’t take the time off and play the game, you can just simulates through the entire season, “playing” a number of games in the process. If you manage to complete the entire MyLeague season this way you can earn yourself an amazing amount of 24,600 virtual currency points in total!

MyNBA 2K18 app is absolutely essential for getting rich fast

If you don’t have this application installed on your phone and you are still complaining about not having enough VC on your hands, then you are doing something wrong. Basically, you’re complaining and asking for help while simultaneously refusing every good advice that everyone else is giving you. Hopefully you’re going to listen to me at least and download that MyNBA 2K18 smartphone application straight away!

Real life NBAbased game predictions can earn you a lot of free VC

This thing practically gives away free virtual currency simply for logging in of course, there are also some active ways in which you can earn virtual currency this way and I have actually covered some of them in one of my previous posts but, this application is so essential that it simply needs to be mentioned once more.

I would also like to say that you can earn up to 1000 practically free VC easily and every day by doing predictions on games based on the real NBA league that this app allows you to do. If you do everything well and predict the outcome of these matches, you’ll be richer for some virtual currency!

Watch the interesting 2KTV show, answer some trivia questions and earn even more Virtual Currency for free!

Last year we had 38 episodes of 2K TV show. These shows are were pretty informative and in all honesty, rather interesting to watch, especially if you are a fan of Guides,Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K18 Game and some quality basketball. If you like following what’s happening on the scene currently, you can earn some virtual currency by cashing in on that knowledge by answering the questions and participating in polls regarding these 2K TV shows! Around 400 virtual currency can be earned from the show which runs once a week.

So basically if you do everything that I’ve just told you that you can do, it’s going to be pretty easy to earn anything from 10.000 to 15.000 VC by doing pretty much nothing throughout the entire week. And we’re not even talking about the things and the numbers that you can earn by actually playing the game in participating in to some highly rewarding modes which I have also discussed earlier.

So instead of complaining how the game is greedy (on which I agree with you, just to make it clear) you can beat it on its own terms and feel good about it by using all of the resources that are available to you and that I’ve just shown you how to profit from the most!

My personal best offense guide for NBA 2K18! Guaranteed to win you more games!

So I wanted to talk a little bit about the play style and I wanted to especially stress out what has been extremely effective for me in this year’s game so you can benefit from the knowledge that I’ve accumulated so far.

Many people seem to be going with the strategy of shooting “3’s” and it seems to be working for a lot of you guys out there however, it’s not really my focus and I haven’t found that to be the most effective strategy. Of course, if I have the opportunity and if my opponent allows me to do that, then yeah, of course I’m going to shoot threes from both left and right sides but I wouldn’t make it the most important scoring method of my theme and I was definitely wouldn’t build the entire team around that shooter, no.

My play style is somewhat different and just to give you the impression of how efficient it is, I can say that I have no problem getting into some really high diamond tiers with it but the absolute best thing about it is it is very simple and that it’s going to work for you most likely without minimal or even no tweaks to your current setup no matter what may be.

It is actually a kind of a broken mechanic and I take no pride in openly admitting that I play the game this way but, this is a multiplayer game and people are always using all of these little glitches and bugs to gain the upper hand and if I don’t use this, then someone else is going to use it against me and then I (or you yourself) become the stupid guy for not taking advantage of the mechanic that I knew about all along but didn’t want to utilize.

2K didn’t give us proper tools to play this game efficiently on defense so you have to work with what you have and if you want to be the best, you have to exploit those things. So even though it might sound completely stupid, running around recklessly is going to get you rewarded for doing that. Is a thing that needs some fixing and I say that I’ve already seen this somewhere around the Internet where people were talking about it, complaining about it and until it gets fixed, we might as well use it to our advantage while it still lasts

What you have to do to score more points?

The way that they’ve made it work in this years installment is that you pretty much want to “get in the paint” anytime that you can and just dunk on people. Trust me on this, and even if you feel like you’re not going to be able to dunk on a specific player, try it anyway.

So basically, going hard in the paint and just holding down the square button is going to pull off a lot of fouls! What you want to do is get into the paint and dunk because it works pretty much every time, and you don’t even have to have any diamond players to do that!

For instance, it keeps happening to me that more than a couple of guys are on me and I have a sapphire card which we all know is nothing special and yet, I managed to dunk despite all of the odds! There are lots of cards that are completely underrated that may exceed at some skills and look completely useless when it comes to dunking but trust me on this one and do not underestimate a card just because of the stats.

While stats do play a vital role in this game, it’s not everything that goes around them and you can pull off some pretty slick moves with some of the pretty easy to get cards like Z. LaVine (which is seriously underrated and in my honest opinion, you should go and pick it up right now).

In my opinion, this is the most effective play style and it will work with most of the teams with just minor or no tweaks at all and speaking of efficiency, I would say that you’re going to win around 85% of your games if you try to play this way. It might seem like a completely random number that I’ve just pull out to show you how this play style of mine is effective and everything but, if I take a look at my win to lose ratio, that is pretty much what I have displayed there.

You can always switch to three point game when things go south

Hopefully they won’t but if your opponent realizes what you’re doing and starts playing it smarter, it is when you should consider a three point game approach. It is nice to have one shooter on your team just because of this however, it is not necessary because even though your opponent might realize what you’re doing, it’s probably going to be late by that time and even if they try to stop you, the chances are that you’re still going to score if you try to ducking while in the paint six out of ten times which is much more than you should be able to do.

Guides,Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K18 Game – Conslusion

And while this is definitely not everything that I can tell you about this game, be sure that this series will be continued (if you want it’s to be that is). There are plenty of more things to talk about in this game, I just wanted to let you know about the ones that I find to be the most important.

This is Curtis and it’s been a pleasure of mine to deliver these guides to you guys and I hope that they help you keep rising!



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