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This time we’re presenting you with Gods of Rome hack! This hack is used to get free Gold, Energy and Gems!

Since we wanted to try out some of the most popular fighting games, we gave Gods of Rome a try.

Gods of Rome is a very good mobile fighting game brought to you by none other than Gameloft.

We usually don’t give much attention to fighting games but Gods of Rome gave as something to look at. With it’s incredible character design and awesome combat animations it’s bound to impress you!

Aside from awesome visuals the game doesn’t force you to buy premium resources. As a matter of fact you can get them by completing the missions in game. The only thing you can’t get if you are playing solo is Energy. But we’ll go over that in a bit.

Even the story in the game is kind of immersive. We know it’s not the best story ever written but it’s obvious a lot of effort went into it. This is not something you see everyday on mobile games.

  • So first of all we’ll go over the basics of the game for those of you that aren’t familiar with it. Talking about the gameplay, resources and tactics you can use at the start will be the first thing we’ll cover.
  • Secondly we’ll express our opinions about the game and it’s content, make some comparisons etc.
  • Lastly, at the bottom of the page we’ll talk about our free gold, gems and energy generator. So if you’re here just because of that we recommend you scroll down to the bottom.

So now that you know the plan for this article, feel free to read only the parts that interest you. Let’s get straight into it shall we?



Gods of Rome – Gameplay Basics, Story, Tips and Tricks

This fighting game features a lot of different characters to play with. Contrary to it’s name not all of the playable characters are gods. Some are legendary heroes that posses the strengths and prowess of gods. Others aren’t even Roman heroes, some of the are Greek for example.

It was kind of odd that they choose this name since most of the playable characters aren’t Roman Gods but hey… This doesn’t mean the game is bad, however we couldn’t help but to point it out.

The actual gameplay is fairly similar to Mortal Kombat X. You will mostly be using tapping and slashing finger motions to execute attacks and defensive moves.

The story mode revolves around the player, who Gods call ‘Ascendant’. Just like most of the games you’re a ‘Chosen One’ and have to fulfill your destiny. The story mode is quite nice, we won’t lie, the battles are intense, especially later on. However we have to point it out that voice acting would help immensely with the immersion.

This is a fighting game, so the combat gameplay mainly revolves around smashing the ‘buttons’ and spamming abilities. But hey – it looks good and the amount of possible controls are enough to create a sense of variation. You don’t just mindlessly smash the screen, that will get you nowhere.

Most opponents will block your attacks and pressing the light attack button gets you nowhere. When playing with opponents that carry shields we suggest you use heavy attacks to open them. After that use literally anything to lower their HP, because soon they will raise the guard again.

Punching your opponent enough times will grant you an Ultimate a powerful ability that deals great damage.


gods of rome user interface for connection

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Our Opinions on Gods of Rome – Is It Worth Playing? What You Should Know Before You Play – Is Hacking Gold and Gems Necessary?

First of all we definitely think Gods of Rome are a game worth playing. Not even just as a time-killer but as a genuinely fun game.
The rewarding Campaign is not the only thing this game offers. Since there are numerous heroes and gods you can control PvP was implemented. This is one of the best aspects of the game, plus you don’t need energy for PvP! How cool is that?

If you want to take a break from PvE, just switch to the PvP Arenas. Play a few rounds and you’re good to go!

The game has a nicely built rewards system. Most of the resources can be acquired through quests. And the better you play, the larger the rewards are, which is very good in our opinion. This pushes you to play better and learn from your mistakes.

Hacking Gold and Gems in our opinions isn’t necessary if you want to focus on PvE. However in PvP they make quite a difference.

In fact we didn’t even make the generator when we played through the campaign. Only when we started dueling we noticed how weak your heroes are without the upgrades. This encouraged us to make a hack and, well here we are!

Gameloft made a good game in this case, and we strongly recommend you support them by making in-game purchases. However you need to make a large dent in your wallet before you can even come close to others. Since most of the stronger players played the game for long amounts of time. Meaning they have much more resources at disposal than you do.

For this reason we suggest you give our Gods of Rome Hack a fair chance and try it out. You will find a red ‘Online Hack‘ button below!


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