July 9, 2020

Get Yourself Familiar with Pixel Gun 3D! Version

Pixel Gun 3D is cool modern shooter placed in a Minecraft-like block world. It has a multiplayer mode, single player campaign and a survival arena.

New player can download Pixel Gun 3D in pocket edition for iOS and Android, and the desktop version is under the open beta test and can be downloaded on the official Pixel Gun 3D website.

This game is awesome pocket FPS shooter for every type of gamer. You can compete and shoot out with your friends, colleagues or anyone else in the world! Your character is fully customizable and it can be prepared of a show off on the battlefield using a special skins maker. We are playing it regularly in our offices and enjoy every minute of this exciting game.


Pixel Gun 3D Modes

What modes can you play in Pixel Gun 3D? For multiplayer, you can play deathmatch and co-op.

What are the benefits of deathmatch mode? You can play it locally with your friends or worldwide with every Pixel Gun 3D player. Matches are played on unique maps of various sizes and shapes. For weapons, you can choose all sorts of killing tools, from classic military rifles like M16 and Desert Eagle, to fantasy weapons like Magic Bow or Lightsaber. You can even go full melee and butcher someone with a good old knife. The number of players in deathmatch can be up to 8. You can talk with your friends in the middle of battle over the chat. Deathmatch can be lot of fun, also challenging at the times, and can really get you hooked to Pixel Gun 3D.


What are the features of co-op mode?

You can play with up to 3 of your friends in a hardcore gameplay experience on 8 specially created maps. Top teams get the coins as a prize, and a lot of glory, we can add.

Single player modes are survival mode and campaign.

In Survival campaigns you are faced with hordes of zombies that are attacking you from all sides and you must kill them all or you are lost. Cops & robbers, nurses, police officers, swat members are charging at you and you must shoot and survive! If you are brave and strong enough to survive all the waves of monsters, you will face EVIL ZOMBIE BOSS in this Pixel Gun 3D mod. If you manage to defeat him you will open the portal to the next battlefield. New cool features added to the campaign mode include a new training camp for the beginners, more detailed graphics, new cool maps, catchy new songs, and most importantly, more challenging gameplay. Now you can’t pass through the enemies and mobs, so you better watch out and don’t get cornered!

Main features of campaign mode include a variety of weapons such as Colt, heavy machine gun, AK47, MP5 and many others. A lot of different maps are added for you to explore and battle on. Many types of enemies like zombies and monsters wait for you on those maps. Dynamic light will make HD graphics look awesome. Play with headphones so you can experience sound effects and added music.



Resources in Pixel Gun 3D

Resources in the Pixel Gun 3D game are coins and gems. Coins are the first in-game currency that you can use. It appears like a yellow circle-shaped object with a black circle in the middle. You can use coins for many things, such as buying new weapons, upgrades and skins for your character. Since version 9.0.0 they added a new currency – gems.

Coins can be spent on weapons, hats, Maniac Mask, Cape Editor and Ninja Tabi. Every armor form can be obtained with them. You can purchase all skins except Social Hero, which is obtained via social media. You can get all league items with coins, except Golden Secret Forces Rifle. With coins you can also train pets, buy gadgets, buildings, pet houses, decorations, backgrounds and devices.


How to obtain coins?

The basic way to get coins is by playing certain game modes. In every wave of arena you get some coins. When you level up you get a varying amount of coins. Once on every stage, you can find them hidden in a level. Finishing a Campaign for the first time gets you a large amount of coins. You can also buy them with gems. Of course, if you really want massive amount of coins, you can use Pixel Gun 3D hack for coins.

The gems are introduced in 9.0.0 update as a premium currency for PG3D. The icon is shaded blue pixelated gem. Gems are used for buying high level gear, accessories and certain weapons. You can also spend gems on upgrading weapons. With gems player can buy the Lucky Chest and Super Incubator. Pets can be leveled up to level 5 and level 6. You can craft buildings and devices with tremendous buff by using Gems. You can also buy a lot of coins with gems. Of course, if you are using Pixel Gun 3D hack for coins and gems, you can get them all for free and not spend real money on it.

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