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a look at the gameplay modes and currency of pixel gun 3d

Pixel Gun 3D is the first Pixel Gun game published for mobile devices. It is pixelated mini FPS shooter game that contains various modes such as single player campaigns and online multiplayer battles. In multiplayer you can play worldwide or local on more than 35 maps of various shapes and sizes. There you can use more than 100 kinds of weapons including snipers, rockets, magic, energy and melee weapons to kill your opponent and win the game. Up to 10 player can compete in one game and they can communicate over chat interface.

Online modes include Classic Deathmatch, Deadly Games, Team Battle, Flag Capture, Coop Survival, Point Capture.

  • Objective of Deathmatch mode is to have more kills than other players when the time is up.
  • In Deadly Games the goal is to stay the last player alive, and you can use stealth attacks or brute force in that goal.
  • Team Battle is won by your team having more kills than the other when the time is up.
  • Players that capture more flags from the other team in Flag Capture mode will win that game.
  • In Co-Op Survival players are fighting hordes of monsters and compete to get more points in a limited time.
  • The point of Point Capture is to capture important positions on the map and collect 1000 points faster than the other team.
  • In Duel two players are competing to get more kills of the other one in a time period.


Singleplayer Campaign and Survival Arena game modes

In the Singleplayer Campaign we follow the story of Pixel Man. He woke up in the middle of the night watching hordes of scary zombies attacking his farm. As the story progresses, he figures out that the zombies are everywhere! You are on the mission to solve the mystery of the Pixel Gun 3D world and stop the Zombie Apocalypse. Colorful comic book plot of the Pixel Gun is spread on many different worlds with tons of locations full of many different kinds of enemies. You can kill those enemies with a lot of unique weapons.

In Survival Arena you can check your survival skills. Monsters are attacking in endless waves, can you survive them all? Unexpected combinations of different monsters will grant you valuable awards for getting through them to the next stage. You can compare your results with your friends to determine who is the best!

If you made friends with someome while chatting in the battlefield, just press “Add” button and you will become friends in-game. Then you can quickly search for new matches and look at their character and accomplishments. You can create your own clan made up only of the best Pixel Gun players. Then you may compete against other clans to determine who is the best Pixel Gun 3D player in the world!

You can make your own skin and show it off in a multiplayer game! Also, you can design your own cape and turn on the custom cape function to show it! Pixel Gun 3D is the most popular multiplayer game in many countries! We are playing this game every day and we recommend you to try it!



Pixel Gun 3D Currency

Currency in Pixel Gun 3D comes in two forms – coins and gems. Coin is primary currency and you use it to buy weapons, skins, hats, armor forms, gadgets and to create buildings, pet houses, decorations, backgrounds, and various devices. You can also use it to train your pet up to level 4. You get some coins every time you level up. The higher level you are, you will get more coins. That amount has been reduced after the 8.0.0 update so it is harder to get coins that way.

You can also find hidden coins throughout levels but it works only once per stage so you can’t farm them that way. Large amount of coins can be obtained by finishing the campaign but it works only the first time. Certain amounts can be found in a Lucky Chest, from 3 to 50 coins per chest. Lastly, you can buy them with gems, but if you don’t want to spend real money we suggest you Pixel Gun 3D cheats for gems and coins.

Gems are the other currency. They are premium. This currency is used for purchasing high level items and can also be used for buying coins, the other currency. You can use gems to buy gear or upgrade it. With gems you can create buildings that give you tremendous buff. Minigame items can also be purchased with gems. You gain gems by leveling up. Some gems can be obtained with the Bonus Marathon. If you don’t want to spend real money on gems we recommend that you look around our website a little bit.

You can also connect your game with social media and gain some rewards. For logging in Facebook and Twitter you can get 10 gems, free gun Social Uzi and a free skin Social Hero.

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