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Game of Dice is an interesting mix of various game genres

Once again we bring you a free hack! This time it’s a Game of Dice Hack for Gems, Gold and Topaz. As always it’s completely free, there is no survey or other strings attached in any way.  But before we go right into the hack let us discuss the game a little bit. As always you are free to skip the overview part if you already know what’s up.

Where do we even start with explaining Game of Dice? To put it simply Game of Dice is a popular free-to-play strategy board game. That’s not all however, GoD has quite the number of additions from another genres. For example there are MMO and Monopoly features in it that give it a unique twist. This i really the first time that the GameBag staff has seen something like this. Probably because we never payed too much attention to board games. But let us not get ahead of ourselves since the Overview part of the article has yet to come.

Aside from the Overview and Hack we will also be writing out a step-by-step guide for our Generator. We will do this every once in a while just to keep things clear. Some changes can occur with time and we don’t want to create any confusion. GameBag always strives for simplicity and effectiveness and as you know, we always deliver!

Now that we’ve made an introduction to our article it’s time for the real deal. Starting off with an Overview of the Game of Dice, let’s get straight to it!



Game of Dice Overview – What is it and How Do You Play it?

Game of Dice is a real-time PvP strategy board game MMO developed by Joycity. If you think the classification of the game sounds complicated we completely agree with you. We had a hard time putting a label on this game to be honest.

It’s a board game in which players roll a dice to initiate a variety of actions. If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you’ll see the resemblence right away. However Game of Dice is much more complicated than Monopoly… Bonus features such as gambling and card game features combined with sweet graphics are sure to keep you occupied. Sound design is not the best, but I guess it will have to work since the other aspects work quite well.

The line between skill and luck in this game is arbitrary and you probably won’t even notice it. Even if you’ve plenty of luck you’ll still need a bit of skill and knowledge to get the extra edge in matches. First and foremost you must collect cards and upgrade characters. There is a very good in-game guide on how to do this (You can’t skip the guide) so we won’t go into too much details.

Game of Dice can be played on iOS, Android and Facebook, and judging by the speed of match-finding it has quite the playerbase. However we noticed that Facebook is the best place to play this game since it seems to have the most players there.

Main resources in the game are Gems, Gold and Topaz. Each resrouces serves a different purpose with Topaz being the rarest of them all. Our Game of Dice Hack can help you generate any amount of mentioned resources completely free. Let’s talk about that…


game of dice connection pop-up screen

screenshot of a successfully generated diamonds


Game of Dice Hack – How To Use it? Is it Worth it?

The short answer to the second question is – yes it’s worth it! But for the first question, the answer cannot be given so quickly. First of all, if you want to use our hack, you have to find an ‘Online Hack’ button located below this article. You cannot miss it really, and when you’ve found it, just press it once.

After you’ve found the button for the hack have clicked it, you’ll get redirected – but don’t worry, you’re on the right track! Now you need to establish a safe connection between our servers and your device. This can be done by clicking the ‘Connect’ button that you will see beneath the text on that page. Now all you need to do is wait a few moments for the process to complete. If it fails, you can always try again, it will work out eventually.

It is now time for you to select the resources that you wish to hack. You can choose between Gold, Topaz and Gems. The hack is still free no matter what option you choose and no matter how much you choose. But there is one thing left to do and that is to confirm the selection. Do so by pressing the ‘Generate’ button and filling in the required information. Be wary, this information is crucial to the hack’s success, if you don’t provide us with the right information you won’t get anything.

As you all know we won’t ask you to like or share our page but if you feel like it – go ahead, we won’t stop you! There is one thing we would like to add to this article…


Please Don’t Spam Our Generator!

If you’ve been using our generators for free we feel it’s fair that we ask you to do this ‘favour’. It’s not really a favour since you don’t need to do anything, but you need to restrain yourself from using our hack in an abusive manner! We think it’s only fair that we ask you to do this since our hack is completely free.
Spamming or abusing our hack in any way can bring many troubles. You won’t get the desired resources due to server crashes, we will lose credibility if our servers constantly crash.

Also by spamming our hacks you can damage other’s experience since many other people are using the hack as well. Be mindful of others and use our hack in moderation and with care.

Now that we’ve told you this we feel that you are ready to use our Game of Dice hack! If we get enough positive feedback we might do a second article on this topic, until then we wish you all the best!


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