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Welcome to the our series about fallout shelter tips and tricks guide and today we are going to be taking a look at the items that can be purchased in the in-game store. I will be giving you my opinion on the items, so you can make more informed in purchasing decision. The items will be looking at today are nuka-cola quantum, lunchboxes, pet carriers and mr. handy units. You can also earn all of these items for free, but by buying them you will be able to speed up your vaults progression. It’s also a great way to support the developers for putting out this free-to-play game.

Some of these items are more useful at certain points during the game than others and to reference vault progression i’ll be using terms like beginners vault, intermediate vault and advanced or end game vault. Now what I’m talking about a beginner vault, I’m referencing a vault that only has a few rooms and still struggles with resource production. Intermediate vaults would be one that is pretty well established and is regularly sending dwellers to the wasteland on quest. Advanced vault would be one that is totally established and is focused on making things as efficient as possible.

Lunch boxes

I consider lunch boxes to be a pretty good purchase for beginner vaults because they offer a lot of items that are actually kind of hard to get when you’re first starting off in fallout shelter. As you progress your vault to the intermediate and advanced levels they will lose their purchasing appeal.  A lot of the items are actually pretty easy to get as you advance and fallout shelter , you can get legendary items but they’re pretty few and far between so lunch boxes are actually going to be a waste of money later on in your vault progression.

Mr Handy Unit

Now let’s take a look at our second item which is the mr handy unit and mr. handy is particularly useful in endgame vault because you can collect resources from all the resource rooms that you’ve probably built up.  That isn’t really a selling point for intermediate or beginner bolts because you probably don’t have that many resource rooms. However Mr handy can also aid inflating incidents but if he dies then you will have to pay a 2000 cap repair fee. That repair fee could actually be pretty devastating for a beginner or intermediate vault so you may want to hold off on having mr. handy collect resources. A better option would be to send them off to the wasteland where he can collec max of five thousand caps.  You can have up to five mr. handy units in the wasteland at a time.  Each of them can gather 5,000 caps so that could be a combined Hall of 25,000 caps, that amount of caps would really speed up the development of your beginner or intermediate vault.

Pet Carrier

Let’s take a look at our third item which is the pet carrier. I think the pet carriers are a great resource for any level vault because pets basically just increase the efficiency that your vault is able to operate at and that’s a bonus that anyone can really appreciate. You can get pets ranging bonuses all the way from a 75% win chance to a +6 damage bonus or a time three objective completion. Pet bonuses really appeal to advance or endgame vaults because at that point during the game you’re trying to make your vault as efficient as it can possibly be.

Nuka Cola Quantum

Let’s take a look at our fourth and final item which is nuka cola quantum.  Nuka cola is actually has quite a few uses but none of them are really that important.  Say we could instantly finish the training time of one of our dwellers here. Or we could instantly finish a crafting items that we’ve been working on. But I see Nicole is basically just being a luxury item that isn’t worth buying. However it is great if you can earn it for free. So now that we’ve covered all the shop items there’s just one last topic that should be addressed and that is sales.

Item Sales

You should always wait for a sale before you buy any of the items that we’ve talked about today. A sale can really make your money stretch, a sale usually comes along in fallout shelter whenever an event happens. Events aren’t actually that few and far between so if you have a little bit of patience you can get the most bang for your buck and support the developers at the same time.

Thank you so much for reading this guide of fallout shelter and to catch up on previous tips and trick you may want to check out other fallout shelter strategy guide which will be linked down below again thank you so much and have a great day

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