Facebook Account Password Hacker Pro 2.0.18 Version

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Facebook Account Password Hacker Pro 2.0.18 Version

Facebook Account Password Hacker Pro 2.0.18 Version. Today we brings our big project which will proof you that we are professional hacker. Today’s time everyone know what is Facebook and no need to introduction to it. This social media site have millions users and they are sharing their thoughts and enjoying from others as well.

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In 2018 Facebook become a very popular social site with strong features and Mark Zuckerberg‘s team is trying to make it more secure for their users. But we have hacking experience of 10 years and we knew that it is difficult to hack Facebook but not impossible. So finally our latest Facebook Account Password Hacker Pro 2.0.18 is ready to complete your wish.

Facebook Hacker 2.0.18 Detail:

Our Facebook Hack Tool is very powerful program which will finish your search such as:

  • How To Hack Any Facebook Password
  • How To Recover Your Facebook Password
  • Hack FB Account Online

We know daily lot of people are finding solution like these many questions but majority of them is frustrated. Because when they try to download that hack tool, mostly are viruses and other have demand to complete survey or charges.

But friends you should be happy to find our site [CheatHacker.com] because there is no risk to download our Facebook Password Sniper. This program will done 100% your need to hack any Facebook account password easily and available for free as well.

It is very interesting software because you can fun using this FB Hacking Tool. You can hack your friend’s Facebook account password without knowing him/her and check all their habits what they are doing. They will never have idea that who have their Facebook password or who is login in their account.

Facebook Account Password Hacker Pro 2.0.18 is a great working software which can make more helpful to the account holder like you can recover your lost facebook password in a minute. Also you can follow your spouse/mate see them that what they are doing behind you. If anyone is cheating you then you can easily understand him/her, so this program is more beneficial for everyone.

Facebook Account Password Hacker Pro 2.0.18 Screenshot:

Facebook Account Password Hacker Pro 2.0.18 Free Download

Can i use this FB account hacker on Mobile?

As we know that in this time period mobile users are increasing day by day then how can i forget to make our Facebook Account Hacker 2018 mobile friendly. Yes you can install our program on android/ios devices.

How to use of facebook password finder:

Our programmer have designed very simple to use doesn’t matter on which system you want to hack Facebook account password. This fb password cracker will work on all systems for all countries.

Simply open Facebook profile of your target’s account and copy it’s profile ID. As you can see victim’s profile id section in the software screenshot enter copied id in that section.

Some other setting is required in our Facebook Password Sniper which will be make more secure and easy to your target’s fb account, setting detail is below:

  • Anonymous mode: If you will select this mode then you will be hide your mac and ip address.
  • Multi-thread hacking: With this feature you can increase your Facebook hacking process and it will done it’s work in a minute.
  • Search for saved passwords: It is very important feature because when you will active this function it will crack all saved fb password. Because some accounts have very difficult password to crack so this function will make possible to get detail.
  • Extract Facebook ID from cookies: Some accounts are using cookies so it is also good for fb hacking process.
  • Use anonymous proxies: We have added thousands anonymous proxies which can also change your location and nobody can caught you by red handed.

Some other features are available to make possible safe and powerful to Facebook hacking program. You just set all features after reading carefully and press “Apply” button below of the software and leave it until finish the process.


If you have adblock active, must disable it to see download button.