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Endless Frontier is one of those idle games and our Endless Frontier Gem Hack will help you become a legend. As opposed to the similar games we reviewed and completed before, this one has an interesting twist. Namely in this game you can create your whole army of units, not just a few heroes.

Not only that but there are social aspects like guilds and such, making the game much more interesting. Your guild mates can help you defeat powerful Bosses and earn awesome rewards. This really brings a whole new meaning to these games, since solo play can quickly become rather stale and boring.

South Korean developer Ekkorr made sure to add interesting twists to the classic idle hero and RPG styles. It all is shaping up to become one of the best games of both worlds.

All of this is enhanced by an interesting back-story that revolves around a hero called Erin. Erin fights against the Prince of Darkness in what is supposed to be an infinite battle between good and evil. However in the end it is up to you if you will gather enough troops to fight off the hordes of darkness.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves since there is much to talk about in the upcoming parts of the article. Like always we will save the best part for the end, meaning hack is all the way down. Firstly we will talk about the game itself a little, and give our opinions on it. After that we will tell you the benefits of our hack, and how to use it exactly. We look forward to your feedback as always, so leave a like if you liked our article

So without further ado, let’s get on it!



Endless Frontier – Brief Game Overview, Gameplay, Mechanics

So as we’ve already told you, this game has really interesting additions to the original genre od idle heroes. It is not your usualy RPG and it’s neither an idle hero game. It’s a mix of both, that seems to work pretty well. We say this because we already played the game and found it quite relaxing. There aren’t too many thing you have to worry about except keeping your army alive.

Your only job is to upgrade your troops with Gold and Gems that they gather during questing. Meaning you don’t have to swing your sword once during your playthrough. This only gets easier with our Endless Frontier Gem Hack. However once you make some significant progress you will have to be on alert. Higher levels require more micromanagment, making you swap units in and out of combat. Unlocking units is also a major aspect of the game, since you always need to counter your enemies.

There are hundreds of units that you can unlock from four different tribes: Humans, Elves, Undead and Orcs.

Aside from the PvE aspect there is also a PvP aspect of the game. Which is very strange for this kind of game. You can test your armies against other players or even other guilds. The battle of the guilds is extremely exciting to watch and we were more than pleased with it. You can also join forces with your guild mates and fight the Darkness together.

There are all typical characteristics of an RPG game, however it’s rarely seen in an idle game.

If all of this sounds tempting to you, you can always download Endless Frontier. It’s avaliable on both Google Play and the App Store for free.


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Endless Frontier Gem Hack – How Can You Benefit From it and How to Use it

First of all we would like to inform you that our hack is completely free. So if you think we’re going to charge you in any way by using it – that won’t be the case!

Our Endless Frontier Gem hack is completely Survey Free, no Likes or Shares are required to use it. In other words you can use it as much as you want. Now that we’ve told you this, let’s go over the benefits.

Gems are quite hard to get in Endless Frontier. Not impossible mind you, but hard nonetheless. You only get a few diamonds here and there when finishing dozens of levels. Gold on the other hand is quite easy to get, and to be honest it’s not that important. Since Gold can be purchased with Gems, we’ve decided to hack only the Gems.

We would recommend that you buy at least one pack of gems before using the hack. This way you help developers enhance the game you enjoy and play. We understand if you cannot do it, since not every person can spend real money on a mobile game. Because of this we’ve decided to bring the hack to you completely free of charge.

We already said Gems can be used to purchase Gold so it will never be a problem again. You can also use Gems to refresh the units list anytime you want. This way you can easily counter any enemy that comes at you. Also Gems can be used to but more unit space meaning you can add more units to your army. Aside from that you can Revive as much as you want. Reviving gives you Medals – one of the most important resources in game. With unlimited amounts of Gems you can quickly gather insane amounts of Medals as well.


Please Don’t Spam or Abuse Our Generator!

This has become a tradition at GameBag, we always stress this and with good reason. Our servers aren’t meant to withstand hundreds of thousands of clicks per second. Because of this, we always ask you to use our hacks in a rational and moderate manner. This will help both sides – both our followers and ourselves.

Spamming the generator can ruin many hacking attempts at once! So it’s not only you, but others as well suffer because of misuse. Patience is key when using any of our generators, it’s the same with Endless Frontier Gem Hack, please remember this always. Thousands of click are probably going to do more harm than good since it’s frustrating for everyone.


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