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short beginners guide for dragon mania legends 

Have you ever wanted a pet dragon? Well, we have a game for you! Dragon Mania Legends is a game where you can finally fulfill your dreams.

Dragon Mania Legends is a strategy game created in 2015 by Gameloft. It takes place in the mystical realm of Dragolandia. It is multifaceted game with several different Gameplay Elements in which the overall mission goal is to work alongside the Dragon trainers to rebuild and reclaim the land during this ongoing battle against the Vikings.

Welcome to Dragolandia, the land of Dragons! They never looked so good! Eye-popping visuals make them and the islands where they can be found come to life!

Create the island of your dreams and customize your city with buildings and decorations. You can collect and breed more than 350 species of dragons.You can feed them, cuddle them and care for them to recieve extra bonuses and gold. Your pet dragons will appreciate attention. Later, you can fight the Vikings in exciting 3-on-3 battles using your dragon army! Your dragons can improve their skills and learn special attacks at the Academy. You can train your dragons to fight and raise them to become the beasts of legends they are! With the power of Dragon Fury, you can defeat your opponents!

The adventure begins on the mainland of the Archipelago, a grouping of islands. The Archipelago islands are the home and base of operations for Dragons and their trainers. All new players will receive a welcoming gift and quick tutorial where they learn about the basics. Player obtaining and raising Dragons is a major part of the game. The first available dragons are the Base Dragons. They can be bought in the Main Shop that is found by tapping on the coin icon.

Getting into the game

When the players retrieves the Codex (by pregressing the story), they will have the key to breed hybrid Dragons. They are Bi-Elemental Dragons, Tri-Elemental Dragons, and Breedable Legendaries

Pairing up different dragons will provide different breeding outcomes. Players can collect and breed a few hundreds of Dragons. Some can only be obtained as a reward, from battles, dungeons or events. Breeding and hatching Dragons takes time. However you can reduce these times by spending Gems to purchase VIP status.

Of course, you can also use Dragon Mania Legends Hack. Dragons come in many different forms and shapes with different attributes. Each Dragon has a type representing its rarity. When you hatch a Dragon, it will be imbued with one or more Elements. The combination of rarity and Elements is what determines its stats. Stats are formulas used to determine Dragon‘s strength, productivity and endurance. Stats on the other hand are increased every time you level up a Dragon.

You must build Farms to grow Food to feed your Dragons. Your Dragons require more food with every new level. Four feedings are required for every level. Player will reach a level cap when leveling dragons. You can increase that cap by building Temples.

Each Temple is specific to only one Element and can be leveled a set number of times. When you go into battle, a Dragon’s attacks, strengths, and weaknesses are affected by the Elements they were born with. Player can pay a combination of Gold and Scrolls to increase natural born abilities of dragons at the Dragon Academy.

Some Legendary Dragons have hidden skills that you can only awoke upon reaching a certain level. Players can use the Ancient Portal to reach the Campaign Map, divided into the Normal and Heroic Mode.



Campaign map and game progression

From the campaign map you can interact with many different characters to retake the outer islands. There are sets of battles you can fight with every set leading to a major Boss battle. Once you defeat one of Boss Dragons, you can purchase it to help produce more gold in the Habitats. When you branch out on the main path, you will find more quests.

After you complete Quest 44 in Normal Mode, an ancient submarine run by Otto the Dungeon Master will be opened up. The submarine contains a shop where you can buy special decorations and Dungeon Dragons as well as the Clockwork Dungeon. There you can hone your battle skills while earning Dungeon Tokens and other rewards. Once you complete Quest 68 in Normal Mode, you unlock the Heroic Mode. It is a more difficult version of Normal Mode in which each quest costs you two energy units but also provides better rewards!

On this map, there are no operating mines to retake, but each quest nets you bigger rewards. Logging in each day will reward the player with many different Daily Prizes. Any completed task will earn the player experience points which will help them to level up and earn rewards. There are several ongoing tasks available through the main screen in the Archipelago to earn rewards, including In-Game Currency.

There are ruins scattered throughout the islands that you can explore regularly, by a group of three Dragons, to search for hidden treasures. Each ruin also conceals three shards that you can reassemble and make a Chronosian seal. Once all of the seals have been acquired you can use them to awaken Chronos, a special and a very powerful time Dragon! After Chronos has been awoken, he can be leveled-up up to four times.


dragon mania skeleton dragon



Exploring the many different gameplay elements will allow the player to become one of the top Dragon Trainers in Dragolandia. Dragon Mania Legends is really fun game that we enjoy to play and we recommend it to you! It is a rewarding journey for those patient and insightful enough to seek for and uncover it’s many secrets.

We hope that this short overview/guide of ours will help you on your journey and help shape you into a renown and skilled dragon trainer. If you want to see more of the Dragon Mania Legends content, let us know and we will consider it. For now on, meditate on what you’ve just read and perhaps try to figure out some of the tricks for yourself. Those tactics are always the best, and as a result the most interesting to use!

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