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dragon city game tips and introduction or newcomers

Dragon City is the game for you if you want to become the Dragon Master! You can build your own castle on the Floating Isles and surround it with your city, farms, habitats and other buildings that will serve your dragons! Player can train cute dragon babies and evolve them into impressive beasts that will attack other players or defend your city.

The essential feature of Dragon City is Breeding. You can combine dragons of different elements, like Fire, Nature, Legend and others to hatch rare hybrid dragons. You can also get dragons from exclusive events that you can add to your collection! Collect more than 100 dragons to be the best trainer! Discover new worlds to conquer! Challenge other players in epic battles! Dragon world is waiting! In the new version of Dragon City capacity of habitats has been increased. All habitats will have a maximum capacity of four dragons.

Some of the features of Dragon City include the Dragon Book with over 500 dragons to collect. New dragons are added to the game every week through events and islands.

You can build a beautiful city for other players to visit. You can stay social with your friends by visiting them and sending them gifts! Log in with Facebook to save your game and play on any device! You can take your dragons everywhere with you!

Dragon Master can fight against other Masters in the Leagues and conquer challenges at the Tournaments.

Unlock advanced features like the Ancient World and the Guardian Dragons.

There are over 80 millions of Dragon Masters in the game. If you really love dragons and mythology, this is the game for you! Dragon City is FREE to download and FREE to play, however you can use Dragon City Hack if you don’t want to rely on in-app purchases.



Basic gameplay tips

Dragon City is a game for Facebook and mobile devices. In the Dragon City game you can breed, raise, and sell exotic dragons. The object of this game is to breed and raise many dragons to get gold, with which you can buy more food to feed more dragons to sell them for more gold! Dragons that you have already can be sold for extra gold. We like to sell all the duplicates because they take up space anyway. Pretty basic, but it can get pretty complicated! Fear not however, we have some tips for you:

  • Feed your dragons until level 7, then save the rest of the food for later. Once you do that, make sure they can breed and get listed in the Dragoon Book. Completing dragon collections earns you gems from the book.
  • You should still buy extra spaces in the Hatchery. 3 Hatcheries with 2 breeding spots should be enough, you won’t need more than that early on.
  • Light and War dragon types should be ignored in the early game. These dragons are very expensive and they aren’t in the Dragon Book so save them for later. You should also ignore Combat and Special Events.
  • Save gems from the start of the game and spend them wisely. Saving gems saves you real life money unless you are using the method we’ve suggested. There is nothing wrong with buying gems if you can afford it.
  •  You can get Exclusive dragons after you get Legends. We found that it is easier that way.  Sell some of them for a lot of gold is also an option if you’re in a tight financial spot.


A bit more advanced tips

The stadium is big and takes too much space. If you aren’t fighting yet, you shouldn’t build it. You won’t need the Training Center or extra Temples until later either. Also, you should ignore the Recruitment Center.

Events tend to spend resources and breeding time needed for new dragons and habitats. Low levels will get a hard time trying to make enough gold and food for the requirements. You should save it for later instead.

You can also save gold if one of the dragons has an element you can’t buy from the shop yet. Get that dragon and try to breed it for the Elemental. You should just make sure that element is special. Aztec Dragons are actually Nature, Egyptian are Electric etc… So, in short terms, what should you do? Breed dragons, collect gold, farm food, and build habitats!

We will present you some Exclusive Dragons that can be found in the game. They were formerly known as Unique Dragons. Exclusive Dragons aren’t Breedable normally, but you can breed some Exclusives that had been released in an update. They are only breedable if certain conditions are met. Generally, if you breed Legends, you will increase the probability of breeding Exclusives.

Some of the Exclusives are Alien Dragon for instance. It is a dragon from another universe that can (allegedly) read your mind. You can get Alien Dragon from Alien Invasion event.

There’s also the Angry Dragon. It may look absent and cute but there are secret powers in his blood.

Atlas Dragon is huge and exausted from carrying the globe on his shoulders. His duty shaped his powerful body and made him able to perform impressive attacks! He is created by image of Greek Atlas.

So on and so forth…


atlas dragon vs alien dragon city


Game Goals and Conclusion

You should try and follow the Goals shown on the left side of  a game screen. Goals are numbered and each one shows picture relative to it’s content. If you hover an icon, you will be provided with Goal information. When you click on a Goal icon, you will be taken to an expanded page which shows detailed information on the goal. You will see how to complete it and what the are rewards. These rewards are exactly why you’ll want to complete the goals in the first place.

You will encounter 5 different characters that will help you to complete your goals. Those characters are Deus, Aurelia, Cortesia, Nefus and Parsival. We suggest you to play the game and follow our website for the game updates. Should you show interest in a more in-depth guide for this game, we will try to provide one for you.

Until next time, see you in the Dragon City!

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