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Dig Out is one of those crazy and addictive mining games. We remember featuring a similar title or at least, see military themed title a while ago named Diggy’s Adventure. If you’ve played that one, you can guess what this one is about. Although not exactly the same, the point of Dig Out is pretty similar. You are to mine and collect valuable gemstones from the depths of the earth and Dig Out hack is going to help you with that!

This is a vertical game. Although you can move up and down, left and right, you want to go as deep as possible into the mines. The deeper you go the better the rewards. However, depth has its downsides as it becomes progressively harder to both dig and to safely navigate the depths.

You see, the deeper you go, the harder the stone becomes. This is unfortunate because you only have a limited amount of pickaxe uses. Think of it as a condition of your tool. It starts with 30 uses and every block of stone you break will consume one of its “hit points”.

Don’t worry though, our Dig Out hack for free silver and gold has you covered. It will take care of your trustee pickaxe. It can make sure that you are equipped for the job as best as you can.

If you don’t understand what we mean by this, that’s all right. We’re going to explain to you why the game is so challenging and what exactly our Dig Out cheats are used for.


How can I get better at this game with Dig Out hack for free gold and silver?

You see, digging through the initial rocks is not really a problem. The problems begin when you descend as it will no longer be as easy to break through the rocks.

As you go deeper you will see more and more of blocks that consume two or even more pickaxe hit points to break. However, this shouldn’t frighten you.

All you have to do is to carefully navigate throughout the maze of the mines and keep your eyes peeled for pickaxe pickups. It is pretty much impossible to miss these bubbles of light. Getting to them however is a whole different thing.

The mines are a deadly place. There is always a danger off a ceiling collapsing above you , burying you underneath it. To avoid this potential hazard, you will have to strategically move throughout the mines.

You don’t want to dig if there are boulders right above you. You don’t want to go down the path if you are hopping from a boulder to boulder. This can easily cause an avalanche that will bury you underneath it. In the best case, it will make you run for your life.

So, in order to reach these special pickups as well as precious gemstones, you have to navigate throughout the mines using your brains. But, there’s a catch. These pickups, although they will restore 100% of your pickaxe uses, 30 uses is simply not enough to proceed.

And this is exactly how Dig Out free gold and silver hack aims to aid you on your quest!


Improve your pickaxe instantly and easily with Dig Out Cheats!

By allowing the player to get access to huge quantities of silver and gold, we allow you to reap the benefits that go alongside with it. If you have enough silver, you can upgrade your pickaxe very early on in the game. This will allow you to dig deeper and explore more of the mines before meeting your end.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to escape death in this game and at some point, you have to die. It is an arcade game and it was never meant to be finished. It features no story or levels. At least we didn’t get that far to see it end.

There are however different levels or so to say, different depths of the mine but we’ve already mentioned that.

We aren’t going to spoil anything for you and will let you experience these levels on your own. After all, with Dig Out hack tool for free gold and silver coins you can easily experience it yourself.

So what’s the holdup? Why don’t you hack Dig Out right now? Oh, right we haven’t told you how to do it yet, sorry. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about operating the Dig Out Cheat.


dig out cheat interface

dig out online hack tool


How to use Dig Out free gold and silver cheat?

A couple of things that we would like to tell you before we explain the process of hacking to you.

First off, this is not a Dig Out mod apk. This means that you don’t have to install any third-party application in order for this to work. It is entirely online based hack for the game and it will function for as long as you can download and play the game on your device. Your device doesn’t have to be rooted or anything like that…

The other thing that we want to mention is that we don’t ask for anything in return. There are no pre-requirements to this hack. You don’t have to like, subscribe or to share any of this content with anyone. Of course, you’re more than welcome to do that but, only if you really feel like it. We are not going to make any conditions.


As for the actual way to use this online cheat for Dig Out, here are the instructions.


To use Dig Out hack you have to do the following:


  1. The number one thing is to scroll down and look for a red button right at the bottom of the page. It is usually in the middle of the website and it has the words “Online Hack” written over it.
  2. If you’re thinking about pressing the button, go on right ahead. Press it.
    That’s exactly what needs to be done. Quite contrary to the popular belief, red button’s (at least in this website) are 100% safe to press.
  3. If a pop-up window or a new tab opens up, do not close it! The button is programmed to redirect you to another website. This website is actually the location of the Dig Out hack so, you’re headed right where you need to be.
  4. Allow the page to load completely and just follow the written instructions that you will find there. They are as easy as one, two, three and you will be over before you know it.


Over and uncomparably more wealthier by the end of the process because that’s everything that needs to be done. Nothing else remains. The gold as well is silver is yours for the taking. You only have to wait for a couple of minutes before this hack takes effect.

Depending on the amount of users and the amount of hack requests that the server has to process, it may take up to one hour. However, this barely ever happens unless servers are under heavy load. To evade situations like this, simply don’t spam the hack tool and you’ll be just fine.


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