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Diamond Digger Saga hack is here. This is yet another “saga” game and yet another match three developed by King. If you think the market is oversaturated with Kings match three games, think again. Apparently, every time we go to the market to download new apps you’ve requested, we see a handful of match three rooms in our suggestions. We decided to take a look at those and once we saw how popular and downloaded those games were, they were in for a what is treatment.

So, what is Diamond Digger Saga exactly? Well, other than being another Kings match three game, it is a title relatively similar to Garden Heroes Saga and Pet Rescue Saga. Frankly speaking, it is very similar to pretty much every “Saga” game but from what we remember, it has most similarities with those two.

You’re tasked with digging through the ground and making the water flow from one chamber to the other. You do this by tapping on the group of three or more diamonds. You don’t really match anything here, you just tap on the ones that have already matched themselves.

If you destroy a gem that was on an obstacle, that obstacle is automatically removed from the board allowing the water to freely flow through. All you have to do is to remove all of these obstacles and make way for the water current.

It sounds rather simple but the game gets progressively harder, just like every Saga game. Although this is not a hard game to complete, scoring high on the leaderboard’s is definitely not an easy task. Diamond Digger Saga Hack is here to help you with that or if you are having problem with any particular level.


Here’s a trailer of the game so you can see it for yourself:


What can Diamond Digger Saga Hack help you with and why you use it?

The first thing that comes to our mind is the fact that this game relies on lives. That means that if you are looking to play the game for a longer periods of time, you better not fail. If you are to fail five times in a row, that’s not going to end well for you.

The game allows you to fail only five times in a row before it makes you wait in order to play again. The lives will replenish over time but, if you want to play the specific time, this can be a problem. Of course, you can always try not to fail a level and conserve your lives but, there are some levels that are particularly tricky and made in a specific way to make you fail.

In situation like these, you have two options. You can ask your friends to send your lives but if none of them are around, you can use Diamond Digger Saga online cheat in order to get more free lives. This is absolutely the fastest and the most efficient way to continue playing the game. The entire process only takes a couple of minutes of your time at best and allows you to reap the rewards instantly.

If you ever run out of lives, make sure to come here and hack free lives for your game. But that’s not everything that you can do with this Diamond Digger Saga cheat.


Free gold bars hack for Diamond Digger Saga!

Free gold bars can be hacked as well. Being the premium currency of the game makes these gold bars particularly precious. There are lots of things that they can do for you. For example, they can be used as a substitute for lives.

Even though you can hack free lives through our online hack for yourself, gold bars can help you even further. They can be used to continue playing a level when you run out of lives. Sometimes the difference between win and lose can be determined in one move. Unfortunately, not always do we have the luxury of that one move.

Free gold bars cheat for Diamond Digger Saga make sure that never happens again. Gold bars can be used to add additional moves to a game you’ve already lost. This way you get the opportunity to redeem yourself. This is particularly handy later in the game when every move needs to be precisely calculated.

In addition to this, gold bars can be used to obtain every single power up in this game once you’ve unlocked them. Before you start a level, simply option to buy power ups. Suffice to say, these power ups will undoubtedly make your playthrough go a lot smoother than it would without them. Additionally, it will allow you to score much higher than you normally would be able to by allowing you to complete a level in fewer moves and chaining much bigger combos at the same time.

This is absolutely the best possible way to play Diamond Digger Saga!


user connection interface of the diamond digger saga online cheat

diamond digger saga hack tool screenshot


How to use Diamond Digger Saga gold bars cheat for iOS and Android with no survey?

In case we forgot to mention, yes this is a no survey cheat for Diamond Digger Saga. One other thing that we forgot to mention is that this is not a Diamond Digger Saga mod apk. This is an entirely online based hack and you operate it from your browser. There is no need to install anything or tamper with your device in any way.

All you have to do to benefit from our online hack is to:


  1. Scroll down and look for a red button near the bottom of the page.
  2. Once you’ve found it, you must press that button.
  3. Doing this will initiate a process of redirection. Don’t worry, it is fully automated and you only have to wait for the page to load. Do not close the page under any circumstances as it holds everything that you need to hack Diamond Digger Saga.
  4. Once the page loads, simply follow the written instructions until you’ve successfully hacked the game. Or don’t. The page and the hack on it have been made with a user-friendly design in mind. It is very likely that you won’t need any additional help operating it.


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