Destiny 2 Mac OS X Version Version

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Destiny 2 Mac OS X Version

If you are one of the player who love to play games in multiplayer then Destiny 2 is for you. Our team is happy to announce this brand new game now available for all iMacs and MacBook. So anyone who own an Macintosh computer can now download free this converted version in dmg. Destiny 2 Mac OS X version does not require addition programs to run, is exactly like another game official released for mac. Just download dmg file, extract to app and enjoy it.

Destiny 2 Mac OS X gameplay

Destiny 2 can be played only in multiplayer. You can choose to play with six versus six or three vs there. Once you choose the side just start killing. The developers made a lot of improvements in front of his predecessor. Gameplay is the same, but graphics looks much better. Also now we can choose from a bigger collection of weapons. Exactly like in the original game the player can improve their characters with points earned in fights. After the success of first Destiny this version will have more success. The player already voted this game with extremely positive.

Destiny 2 Mac OS X Requirements

Like the most of the game Destiny 2 need at least 4 GB RAM . i3 processor and at least 2.1 GHz. Also you must check free disk space on your MacBook, Destiny 2 for MacBook require approximately 32 GB. Another very important requirement is your OS X version, be sure you have installed OS X 10.11 or higher. That mac version of game was been tested on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMacs that meet these requirements and found perfectly working.

Destiny 2 Mac OS X DOWNLOAD 

Mac owner that wish to download it can do it in two simple ways. First is by using torrent download, this method require uTorrent or BitTorrent. Second and the simpler method is by using . Direct require a good internet connection. You will get and .dmg file that contain the game, just copy to apps after download and enjoy it.



If you have adblock active, must disable it to see download button.