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Greetings loyal followers! Crusaders of Light hack for Silver, Gold and Crystals is finally here. We’ve made sure to give you the pleasure of hacking the three most important resources in the game. The hack is completely free as always, there are no surveys, no like or share requirements.

Before we start explaining the benefits of our hack, we are going to analyze the game itself. We won’t lie, Crusaders of Light is one awesome mobile game. As far as we’re concerned this game shouldn’t be considered a time-killer, in fact it’s a full MMORPG. The amount of content is incredible and it definitely can keep you occupied for quite a while.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! The overview of the game will be presented in the following parts of the article. However you should know that Crusaders of Light is definitely worth your time if you’re into fantasy MMORPGs.

We’ll do a brief introduction to the game as well as a bit of analyzing of story, gameplay etc. This is one of those games that we just have to devote some time to, be it playing or reviewing. Simply because we at GameBag always liked to reward quality content and innovative developers.

So since there is so much to talk about, without further ado, let’s start our review!



Crusaders of Light – What is it and How it’s Played?

Crusaders of Light is one of those games that brings near-authentic PC-quality MMORPG to mobile devices. There was more than 300 hours of exciting high-quality content right at the launch of the game. The hardworking developers keep updating the game even more, adding new content left and right.

It is really good to see that mobile developers maintain the key aspects of quality RPGs in their games. Currently the maximum level that you can reach is 45. After you’ve hit max level loads of opportunities will be revealed to you.

You can enjoy loads of both PvP and PvE content. For PvP you can play cooperative small-scale combat in Arenas or try your luck in massive 25v25 Battlegrounds. Aside from PvP there is much PvE content, to be honest we haven’t even managed to play through it all.

Story is also one of the best attributes of this game, since most of the dialogue content is voiced. This truly brings the feeling that you’re playing a full-fledged RPG on PC. However we won’t go much into details about the story, since we don’t want to spoil anything.

At the start of the game, right after you enter you’re presented with a choice. You can choose from three classes: Warrior, Ranger and Mystic. There is also one more class that has yet to come. After you’ve reached a certain point in the game you will be able to switch to a more specialized path for you class. For example a Mystic can evolve into a classic DPS, a Crowd Controller or a Healer.

You will need to earn XP and Talents in order to upgrade your skills, some Silver will be needed too. Silver is one of the resources that you can hack with our Crusaders of Light hack.


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Should You Hack Crusaders of Light? How to Generate Silver, Gold and Crystals?

As we’ve already mentioned you will need a certain amount of resources if you wish to make progress. Experience is one of the most important resources however, leveling in this game is very easy and fun. And quite frankly if you just hacked level 45 right away, you wouldn’t have a clue about the game anyway.

For this reason we decided not to hack XP simply because leveling from 1 to 45 is sort of a tutorial. There is much to do in this game at high levels. Being thrown there right away can confuse even the most experienced RPG players.

However currency such as Silver, Gold and Crystals are a whole different story. You will need to farm them in order to get the best possible gear. Since hacking each piece of equipment for every class and every specialization would take months, we took the easy path. We simply hacked the three most important resources and made them available to you.

We can’t stress enough that we think you should buy any of the premium resources at least once. This is because the game itself will reward you with premium resources just for playing. We always liked that kind of approach to the premium resources in a game. It shows that money isn’t the only thing in developer’s minds.

After you (hopefully) made a few in-game transactions you can use our generator completely guilt-free!

To do this simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and find a red ‘Online Hack’ button. Click it and you’ll get redirected to our generator’s gateway. From there on you will need to follow the written instructions in order to successfully hack your Gold, Silver and/or Crystals.

There’s one more thing we need to ask of you…


Don’t Use Our Generator in an Abusive Manner!

We can’t stress this out enough. Most of our generators run on the same servers. Spamming even one of them makes it hard for others to do their hacking.

Since we don’t ask anything in return for our services, we feel it’s justified if we ask this one thing. When you think about it, spamming and abusing the hack brings no good – to any of us! Yes even if you spam-hack your resources they will most likely get lost because of a server overload.

This is why you should think twice before becoming greedy and spamming that ‘Generate’ button a hundred times. You lose time, resources and patience and we lose our credibility if our site falls. It simply isn’t worth it!

With this we’d like to conclude our article about Crusaders of Light Hack, we’ll do more if you guys like it. See you in the next article!



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