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Crossy Road is a minimalistic game. There is hardly anything to hack in this one but, given its popularity, we decided to make a Crossy Road hack for you guys. The sole purpose of this Crossy Road hack is to enable the players to add free coins to their accounts.

Coins are the only currency of the game and they can be used to unlock different characters. There is no actual point to unlocking different characters but, these can make the game feel fresh if you’re playing a lot. Some characters come with specific themes like the horror characters for instance. If you choose one of them, the entire level will turn to a more spooky setting while, for instance characters from the Korean pack will make the entire game in Korean.

Of course, all of this is just cosmetics. There is no way to enhance or improve your gameplay experience. This is a minimalistic game where all you do is hop forward while trying to evade incoming dangers while moving to the sides. This cheat won’t allow you to get better at the game, it’s impossible. You won’t score higher and you won’t be able to get in vulnerable. There are no things to speed up and there are no energy bars to refill.

This is a free to play game done right. If you can, we would very much love to ask you to support this one if you enjoy it. Of course, you have to purchase everything for real money but, showing some appreciation for the developers work is always appreciated. After all, they did make a game that can be played indefinitely without even spending a single coin on it.



How to use Crossy Road cheats on Android, iOS, Windows and Facebook?

You don’t have to be experienced with computers. You don’t need to know how to hack programs in order to use this. This is not a Crossy Road mod apk. Your device does not have to be rooted and you do not need any third-party software’s. Everything can be done through your browser, provided that you have an active Internet connection.

It is safe, it is fast and it is easy to use. Right now, were going to go over the process of hacking Crossy Road and guide you through every step of it. However, if you are a returning user, you don’t have to go through any of this. You already know the entire process. This is only meant for the newcomers. Let us begin:


  1. First thing that you want to do is to locate a red button on this page. It will have the words “Online Hack” on it, making it different from other buttons. Look for its near the bottom of the page in the very middle.
  2. Once you’ve located the button, you need to press it. Pressing the button will initiate a fully automatized process of redirection. Do not close the window/tab that pops up. This is actually the page where the Crossy Road generator is located.
  3. Allow it to load completely. Once it does, check the page for written instructions. They will guide you through the rest of the process. You can also try to operate the entire thing yourself. It is designed with a user-friendly concept in mind so that it’s highly intuitive and easy to use without any guidance.


Once you’ve done these three simple steps, you will be richer for up to 25,000 coins in game. It is as easy as that!


Feel free to share this Crossy Road free coins cheat with your friends!

This is absolutely free to use. You don’t have to pay for it and you don’t have to do anything for us in return. This is also a no survey hack for Crossy Road. If you can download and install the game on your device or play it through your browser, you can use this hack as well.

You can also share this with your friends if they happen to be playing. There are no restrictions and no limitations. Everyone, no matter where you’re from can use these Crossy Road cheats.

Sharing this is allowed but, we do not condition you with it. You do not have to login, or subscribe to our social media. You don’t have to like our posts or videos and you most definitely do not need to share this. It is 100% optional. You should share it only if it helped you and you you feel like sharing. There is absolutely nothing that we won’t condition you with.


crossy road coins cheat user interface

crossy road free coins hack


There is however one thing that we would like to ask of you:

We do not need you to do anything, in fact we need you NOT TO DO one specific thing believe it or not. Since this is a free to use hack for Crossy Road and the game is as popular as it is, there are undoubtably going to be a lot of users at any given time trying to hack the game.

Because of this, it is very important that you do not spam the generator page. Do not send multiple hacking requests. If you need a lot of coins, simply hack the largest possible quantity. 25,000 coins is more than enough to unlock everything that you need in this game. We have given you this option precisely for those reasons.

You don’t have to use it 10 times in a row. The hack is not going anywhere. It’s going to be here, in the exact same place when you return tomorrow should you need services once again.

Spamming the Crossy Road generator will put a pressure on our servers. They have limited bandwidth and the more users are online, the slower they will perform. Should you at spam to that equation, it’s only going to get worse. Normally it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes for you to receive your resources but, if the people are spamming it, it can take much longer.

On top of that, spamming the generator will trigger our anti-bot protection. This will force every current user prove that they are humans before they can proceed. This is unnecessary and it will definitely make your hacking process lengthier than it needs to be so, hack responsibly. Thank you for your understanding!


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