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Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack is the last in our series of Criminal Case hacks. If you’re looking for the Criminal Case hack for unlimited energy or Criminal Case Save the World cheats, this is not it. Use the links we’ve provided in order to get to those pages.

This is Criminal Case Pacific Bay. Another detective themed, hidden object game. To tell the truth, this game is pretty much exactly the same like the previous games.

It starts with the murder of a young girl. You investigate a crime scene and find out the murder weapon which happens to be a knife, just like in other games. Just like with the other games, the autopsy report shows that the murderer was right-handed. You go back to the crime scene to find some more evidence. There you’ve found some torn clothes which, upon stitching back into one piece reveal more information about the murderer. You get an eyewitness report that the person seen fleeing the crime scene was was wearing a black hat.

  • Right-handed
  • Wearing a jersey with number four
  • Wearing a black hat

This is pretty much exactly the same scenario from the first game and fairly similar to the intro mission of the second game. In other words, there is absolutely nothing new here. How come that this game still manages to keep us interested then?

It is a good game, that much certain. We are not really into hidden object games. Still, we most certainly enjoyed playing this one. That is, we have enjoyed playing it when the game actually allowed us to play.

Due to the extremely high energy cost needed to investigate these crime scenes, we were quickly forced to drop it. Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack allowed us to keep playing.



What is Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack tool for unlimited energy?

The question pretty much answers everything. This is a online based hack tool that allows you to get pretty much unlimited energy. Everyone who plays this game knows that energy is the biggest problem here.

The game asks for a hefty amount of energy if you want to keep playing. Once you run out of energy, you have to wait for up to 40 minutes if you are to go for a quick round once more. This is just very, very bad. This game takes less than a minute to complete a stage. It makes you wait for 40 minutes in order to do that?!

If you want to play this game, we would strongly advise you to hack Criminal Case Pacific Bay and get on with it. Otherwise, you’re going to be playing this for years. It is the easiest way to overcome the restrictions and it is absolutely safe.

You can either use Criminal Case Pacific Bay cheats and keep playing the game or you can choose to pay every single time when you run out of energy. If you go with the last one and pay for energy refills, we most certainly hope you have deep pockets because you will need them. This game can easily relieve you of $100 in less than an hour. This is worse than gambling machines honestly.

By allowing you to hack delicious hamburgers which can be consumed to completely restore your energy, you can completely forget about wasting your money on this game. Still, if you like it we would like to remind you that someone took their time to make this game. If you’re truly enjoying it, you should consider purchasing at least something occasionally, or at least just once to show your support and appreciation for the game.



Hack free stars and coins as well with this Criminal Case Pacific Bay online hack!

However, the game doesn’t only restrict you when it comes to energy. Stars are also rather hard to come by. Actually, you will need to spend pretty much all of your energy if you are to earn a single star. Stars are earned by completing investigations and getting as high score as possible. Sometimes however, no matter how well you perform, you won’t be awarded a single star and you will have to repeat the process at least once.

This can be tedious and, mark our words, this will get tedious no matter how much you like the game. Replaying the same scenes over and over again until you get star will soon suck all the fun out of this game. It’s a good thing to know that our Criminal Case Pacific Bay hack isn’t only good when it comes to hacking free energy.

You can actually hack free stars as well. These are used every time you want to interrogate or talk to a person. Every time you find a piece of evidence that needs further examination, stars will be required. This is the perfect opportunity for you to stock on stars and forget about grinding for a while.

Other than stars, coins (the games main currency) can also be obtained through our online hack. Although not as precious and not as important as free energy and stars hack, coins have their use as well. They can be used to customize your appearance and do other kinds of cosmetic things. They are not necessary but are most definitely fun to have.


criminal case pacific bay online hack


How to use Criminal Case Pacific Bay unlimited energy hack on Android, Facebook and iOS.


The process is a very simple one. We’re not going to make this any longer than we need to. Without further ado here’s everything you need to do to hack the game:


  1. To hack the game, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for a red button.
  2. Once you’ve located this button (you will know it by its red color and the words “online hack” written over it) you need to press it.
  3. Pressing the button will take you elsewhere, on a different website. Don’t worry, this is what’s supposed to happen.
  4. On this website, you need to follow a set of written instructions, like these ones. They will explain everything that needs to be done and guide you through the entire process of hacking Criminal Case Pacific Bay.


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