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Criminal case free energy hack has one single goal. It aims to make this game actually playable for over 100 million people playing this game! Yes, this is a huge game and those numbers are only statistics from Google Play. The game is also available for iOS and Facebook. We don’t even dare to think how many people or how many downloads this game actually got.

So what is Criminal Case? To put it bluntly, it is a very addictive hidden object game. It is also much more because the game doesn’t solely rely on the hidden object elements to keep you interested. One thing at a time tho…

It basically goes like this:

  • You get the case and you start working on it. The work consists mostly of finding objects listed on the screen.
  • Eventually, you will come up with the evidence of sorts. This evidence is the unique item that is only present on the screen the first time you play the case.
  • The evidences are then combined and (depending on the type of the evidence) brought to research/autopsy/testing.
  • The evidence will eventually point out to new clues and will tell you what you should do next. They can (and they will) also reveal something about the perpetrator which you will eventually use to bring your men to justice.

This sounds pretty cool, right? It’s mainly because it is. Let us tell you straight off that we are not really big when it comes to hidden object games. Those were always too casual in our opinion. However, we would lie if we said that Criminal Case didn’t manage to peek our curiosity.



Criminal Case hack can give you free energy no matter what device you’re playing on!

The only bad thing about the game is that it is horrendously restrictive. This is why we have optioned to develop and bring you the Criminal Case hack.

You see, if you are to investigate a crime scene, you have to “pay” in order to do so. Now, the game wont straight up come to you and ask for your money but, it’s not that far off either.

It is one of those games that relies on energy. You can get a maximum of 100 energy without the upgrades. This sounds fair but only if you do not know that attending any crime scene will instantly consume 20 of your energy. Furthermore, it will take two minutes to regenerate one point of your energy! This means that if you want to play a game of Criminal Case for a couple of seconds or a minute at best, you can only do that five times in a row before the game makes you wait for 40 minutes before allowing you to go once again.

We don’t know how you feel about this, but we think that this is absolutely absurd! It is a great game and yes we are going to encourage everyone of you to buy at least something in this game. However, it would be stupid to ask the player to pay every single time that they want to have their energy refilled.

If you are to hack Criminal Case for free energy you can go on for as long as you want. By allowing the player to generate hamburgers we allow them to replenish their energy reserves instantly.

Hamburgers are a consumable item which will restore your full energy upon consumption. This will in turn allow you to have pretty much unlimited energy in Criminal Case.


criminal case free energy hack


Criminal case cheats can give you more than just free energy!

If you thought that free energy hack for Criminal Case was all that we had to offer, then you are wrong. Criminal Case online cheats can also be used to hack free stars as well as coins.

Although, free energy hack for Criminal Case is definitely the most sought out feature, we wanted to make it possible for you to hack other things as well.

Even though they are not as important as energy and they can most certainly be obtained by simply playing the game (which is easy once you have access to pretty much unlimited energy), we wanted our Criminal Case cheats to have as many features as possible.

Coins are the currency that your rewarded with by solving the case. You also get them for clearing the level and scoring high on the leaderboard’s. The use of coins is mostly for cosmetics. As you progress throughout the game you will unlock additional outfits which can be purchased with coins. This will allow you to add a little bit more personality to your character and potentially express yourself.

Other than free coins, Criminal Case cheats can be used to obtain free stars as well. Stars, well they are pretty useful actually. Every time you pass a certain score milestone on a case, you will be rewarded with a star. These stars can then be used for things such as evidence examination and similar. In general, you use them to play mini games mostly which give you additional insight about the case and allow you to experience more of the game. All in all, pretty handy to have in larger quantities.



How can you use Criminal Case cheats for iOS, Andoid and Facebook?

This is rather simple to accomplish actually. Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience with hacking video games. Our guide will explain everything that you need to do in order to hack the game for yourself. Simply follow these instructions and you will be over in no time.


  1. To begin, you simply need to locate and press the red button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Pressing the button will redirect you to another website where Criminal Case cheats are.
  3. Once you get to that page, read the instructions there to successfully hack Criminal Case.


And that’s it, those three simple steps take care of everything. Remember, this will work for iOS, Facebook and Android version of the game. There are no exceptions and there are most definitely no restrictions.

If you are looking for Criminal Case mod apk, that is not something that you will find here. This is a fully online based free energy cheat for Criminal Case and has nothing to do with the mod apk whatsoever.

We hope you find this info and these Criminal Case cheats useful. Feel free to share them with your friends and family if they play the game so you can all play together and eventually compete for the high score on the leaderboard’s. Have fun!


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