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My team has been developing this clash royale hack for a long period of time. After countless of beta testing, we have finally decided to release it on public. Our clash royale hack will work on all mobile devices including Android emulator for desktop players. If you are an avid player and in search for clash royale cheats then this is the right place for you. This online based hack for clash royale is safe and free. Our tools will give you the chance to obtain unlimited amount of gems and coins by just following a few simple steps which we will be talking later.

clash royale hack

clash royale hack

Clash Royale Hack Features

  • Gems Cheats
  • Gold Cheats
  • Supports All Platform
  • Daily Updates

We are receiving a lot of request from our visitor to create gem hack for clash royale. We made this tool an easy to use and user friendly. Even if you are using a rooted ios or android device, our cheat will always work.

Clash Royale Hack Solution for Everyone

We all know that this game is pretty exciting just like clash of clans but it is a time consuming, obviously for upgrades and card collecting. And to only get an advantage is by paying cash for gems and most people use clash royal cheats to escape this problem.

I assume you are already using our cheat tool by now and enjoying your free gems and coins. Let’s talk about getting some tips and strategy for you to get ahead easily in this game. Here are most of the top players guide you can follow.

Your best defensive weapon is your tower, The big secret to clash Royale, is your best defensive weapon is your towers. So try to play on your side of the arena as much as possible especially when starting out the match. Defend and then push, patients win matches.

Do not start expensive, I never like to start up my match with my win condition combo or with an expensive elixir card. This just leaves you too vulnerable to a strong push in the other Lane as your opponent will have a big elixir advantage.

Spend your gold wisely, Don’t level up all your cards, pick your favorite win condition support and defensive cards and then level them up first. You can always pick up new favorite cards in the future but gold is a very scarce and valuable resource. You don’t want to spend it needlessly on every card in the game if you don’t have to.

Do not make the first move, Let your opponent make the first move in a match or the very least make sure you wait until you’re at ten elixirs before you play your first card. Being reactionary is the best way to start a match.

Push the opposite lane, When your opponent is preparing to make a big push in one lane, say they drop a giant or a golem behind their King tower always throw something in the opposite lane. Make them commit some of their elixir to defending over there.

Place the tank in the back during first 2 minutes, When starting a slow push, always place your tank behind your king tower. Never build a push from the river, always build it from the King tower and then stacked behind.

Know thy enemy, Understand what your opponent is trying to do early on in the match. Too many times we concentrate on our own decks and our own strategy and we don’t even realize what the opponent is trying to do. Clash Royale is like a chess match, you have to know and understand your opponent in order to consistently win.

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