August 7, 2020

Castle Creeps TD Hack for Gems and Hero Keys Cheat Version


This castle creeps TD hack will get you the maximum gems, hero keys, and coins without buying them in game stores.  TD in castle creeps stands for Tower Defense, this game will let you experience to be a hero and join your troops to victory. Defend your kingdom from orcs, goblins, and warlords by upgrading your defensive tower. This castle creeps hack will come handy from upgrading tower, opening a chest and everything else. It is time to learn a bit about the castle creeps TD cheats.

Castle Creeps TD Hack

Castle Creeps TD Hack



Castle Creeps Review

Castle creeps, because the title sounds like an 80s horror flick castle creeps is available on Android and Apple devices.

First up gameplay, a basic Archer building infantry summoning tower defense game. Anybody familiar with our defense games knows exactly what to expect. You played to a throwaway story and go from chapter to chapter unlocking new heroes along the way. You upgrade your heroes, upgrade your buildings and keep on defending. Archers, infantry, cannons, magic tower thingies, and of course monstrous enemies. I guess these are the creeps the title speaks of.

In the end, the game is about beating levels, getting resources for upgrading and unlocking more heroes. Now the game is fun but because it doesn’t reinvent this genre you feel like you played this game before. All together it’s an expected tower defense game. If clash royale trading in its cards for a more traditional tower defense game you would get castle creeps. The graphical style seems to purposely go for that look. The characters in the heroes are cartoony and colorful it’s almost to the point where I thought this was a clash game.

The menu is crispy and clean making navigation fluid. Altogether the graphical style fits with this game even though I’d like to have seen a distraction from this style.

Free playability, in-app purchases other creeps in my castle and this game sure is at them. You can purchase gems in order to get more currency or use them for resources. Upgrading your buildings and heroes as they must and by chapter 3 it really starts to show. At this point, the game becomes a grind as you replay previous levels to acquire resources. So if you don’t mind that extra grind the in-app purchases can stay in the castle.

Download Castle Creep TD Hack

Castle Creeps TD Hack Features

  • Unlimited Gems Hack
  • Unlimited Coins Hack
  • Unlimited Hero Keys Hack
  • Supports all mobile device
  • Supports iOS and Android


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