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Card Monsters is a fun Card Battler with a unique twist!


Another fun Card Battler hack enters our site! Card Monsters hack is here to help you get unlimited free Gems and Gold. Most of you are probably already familiar with the game, although some might not be. For this reason we created the Overview part of the article, to get you familiar with the game’s concept. Even if the game already provides you with a lengthy tutorial, we will talk about the game here. This is simply because we want you to know what to expect before even entering the game.

There will be no spoilers of course, we will provide you only with the most necessary details. So don’t expect a full-fledged walkthrough because we want to leave something for you to experience.
Card Monsters will surely fit your standards if you like card games. It’s a decent little card battler with some unique gameplay twists that set it apart from other card battlers. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t your standard Hearthstone or Elder Scrolls Legends game. It is a unique experience overall that we think you are going to enjoy!

So we know that most of you came here simply for the hack. That’s fine too, if you want to skip the Overview part just scroll down to the bottom. It is where you’ll find the “Online Hack” button as well as a short tutorial on how to use it. If you’re still confused, don’t worry the hack has a built-in detailed guide that will help you hack through.

Now that you get the concept of our article we suggest that you stick to the end, you might learn a thing or two. Whatever the case might be, we’ll start right off the bat!


Card Monsters – What Can You Expect? – Overview of Basic Game Mechanics

Same as any other card battler in Card Monsters all you need to do in order to win is destroy enemy cards. Sounds simple right? Well it is, most of the time, however sometimes it can prove to be quite a challenge.

Your hand consists of 8 Monster Cards and 8 Item Cards. Monsters are used on the battlefield and you’ll need them in order to fight. Items on the other hand represent skills or upgrades that you can equip your monsters with. Similar concept to other card battlers. You can have up to three monsters on the battlefield at the same time, and each monster can equip one item. Be careful not to overwrite existing items – don’t make the same mistakes as we did!

You need Crystals in order to place monsters or items on the battlefield. You will get 3 Crystals each turn so you can always do something. If you don’t spend them all, they will go into the next round so don’t worry.

The odd thing about Card Monsters is the monster placement. There are four different monster types: Melee, Magic, Ranged and Chaos. The three slots on the battlefield can be filled with any monster, in a specific order however. But be wary since only certain monsters can attack from certain positions. For example Melee monster can only attack from the first row! This is better explained in the tutorial so keep an open eye.

Two most important resources are Gems and Gold. They mostly serve for buying new cards which you will need in order to make progress. The game isn’t very generous when it comes to givin out resources. This is why we created our Card Monsters generator. Find out more in the upcoming part of the article.


Required information for the Card Monsters HackSuccessfully Generated Resources for Card Monsters


Card Monsters Hack – How to Get Free Gems and Gold in Card Monsters? Why Should You Hack it?

If some of you are anxious to start hacking we suggest you just scroll down to the “Online Hack” button. Click it and do your thing, but if you want to know more stick around.

We mainly hacked Card Monsters because we think the pricing is ridiculous. Aside from that there are numerous ads in the game which don’t help at all. Sometimes ads appear few times in a row – we aren’t even joking! This was very frustrating especially when we started playing, we got a first ad before entering the game!

Aside from the ridiculous pricing and annoying ads if you want to progress fast – this is the tool for you! With our hack you will be able to hack as much Gold and Gems as you want. All completely free, no survey, no like and share demands – nothing! It is completely free for everyone and it is really simple to use. The GameBag staff always strives for simplicity and time-saving, and this time we got it both!

Most of you are already familiar with how our hacks work. Some of you aren’t and that’s okay too. We’ve made sure to implement a guide in our generator tool that will show you step-by-step how the process works.

Keep in mind that the game can only be played on Android and iOS systems. Before closing the article we have one more thing to say.

Please Restrain Yourself From Abusing Our Card Monsters Hack!

We always stress this because it is important that people follow the rules. Some don’t follow and it leads to many troubles. For example – spamming a tool constantly can bring the whole server down. This is because the servers overdrive causing them to crash because they can’t handle so many requests at once. This affects us all! So don’t think that you won’t be affected because our servers crash. Allow us to explain.

Crashing the server will make you and any other user that is using the hack at the moment lose all generated resources. The server will then take some time to come back up so we will both lose time and patience. So we have to ask you again to use the hack rationally and in moderation. Doing so will lead to better performance, faster generation of resources and much much more!

So now that you know this we wish you all the luck in future gaming as well as hacking! GameBag staff wishes you good-bye untill next time!

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