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Call of Mini Zobimies 2 hack hits the Gamebag! No, this has nothing to do with the Call of Duty, we’ve already explained the situation in our Call of Mini Infinity hack post. Despite its name that would have you think that this is something similar to the Call of Duty, this game in fact has nothing in common with the popular FPS franchise.

What this is is a third person cartoony styled zombie shooter game. Despite the name that would make you think that this is something else, this is a pretty decent mobile game. It has everything that a modern zombie shooter needs.

A variety of weapons, the possibility of upgrades, a roster of different characters to choose from all with their special abilities and the different weapons of choice and of course, the possibility to play this online with your friends.

Multiplayer is easily what makes this game as good and as popular as it is. Don’t think for a second that we at GameBag consider market to be lacking when it comes to zombie shooter games, because we don’t. Quite honestly speaking we are sick and tired of zombie games and we strongly believe that the market, as well is the gaming industry overall is oversaturated when it comes to those.

Still, we found this third person shooter rather exciting and good for some time killing throughout the day. This is a great title to pick up and play on the go or in between destinations provided that you have a Internet connection. We wanted to make the experience better in general so we went on ahead and develop the hack for Call of Mini Zombies 2.


Here’s a gameplay video for you to better understand what the game is all about:


What can you hack with Call of Mini Zombies 2 and how does cheat improve your experience?

This game allows for a pretty decent customization. You can customize your character in many ways. For example, the initial stats can all be increased. It goes without saying that increasing stats improves your character in a specific way. If you want to be the best you can, increasing all of the character stats would be an ideal solution.

Things like hit points, damage and armor can be upgraded by using vouchers. These can be earned in game by completing specific tasks or with tCrystals.

However that’s not the only thing that you can improve. Every weapon in the game can also be upgraded. There are certain stats like damage, accuracy, magazine capacity and rate of fire. These can be upgraded using coins. Although these statistics vary from weapons weapon, one thing that they have in common is that all of them are upgradable. The weapon that you initially get when you purchase/build a weapon is the absolute weakest version of that weapon.

While character can be improved through vouchers, weapons will require coins. You’ve probably noticed that our Call of Mini Zombies cheat does not include neither coins nor vouchers hacking option. Don’t worry however, everything is under control and were going to explain the logic behind this in a moment.


Hack and convert free tCrystals into vouchers and coins!

Being the premium currency of the game, tCrystal have many advantages over normal currencies. For example, if you hack a lot of free tCrystals for Call of Mini Zombies 2, that is pretty much equivalent to the hacking other resources as well in much larger quantities.

This is because all of these resources can be obtained or, so to say purchased with these tCrystals.

This is why we didn’t bother making other resources available for hacking as well. Since tCrystals can be swapped to get everything else in the game, we option for the easiest possible solution for both ourselves and you as well.

Doing things this way saves our time and allows us to work on other game hacks while in your case, you only have to specify one resource for hacking. Not to mention that doing things this way puts a lot less stress on our online hack tool for Call of Mini Zombies 2 allowing multiple users to be active at the same time.

Now, after all of this has been said you have to be wondering just how can you hack Call of Mini Zombies 2 for iOS and Android devices? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Everything is going to be explained in just a couple of moments.

call of mini zombies user interface

call of mini zombies tcrystal hack



How to hack Call of Mini Zombies 2 for iOS and Android with no survey.

This is undoubtably why you’re here in the first place. We are not going to stall the answer for any longer. We will give you exactly what you came here looking for.

So, to answer your question in the shortest possible way, in order to use Call of Mini Zombies 2 cheat, you need to:


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for a red button.
  2. You have to press this button and allow automated redirection process to complete.
  3. The new page that opens up is not to be closed under any circumstances. Let it load completely.
  4. From that page you only have to follow a set of written instructions pretty much like these ones. You may also try to operate the Call of Mini Zombies 2 hack tool on your own as it is pretty easy to do so.


And that’s it, nothing else is required. This is not a Call of Mini Zombies 2 mod apk. You don’t have to modify your device in any way or download any additional third-party software’s.

You don’t have to login, sign up or follow us in any social media. There is no need for you to like any kind of content or share our posts. However, you are more than welcome to do so if you want to.

Best of luck to you and have a great time playing the game!


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