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We’ve created our very own Bubble Elf hack for free Lives and Gems! Some of you requested it a while ago and we finally found the time to do it. It wasn’t easy because of the Lives that this game has, they always take time. We had no trouble hacking Gems since most game have then or at least something similar. But enough about the details…The Bubble Elf generator is here to stay.

It is as always completely free! No likes or shares and most importantly no surveys! However if you liked the hack we won’t mind if you like or share our hack with your friends. The more the merrier! There will be some simple rules that you should follow when using any of our generators. More on that later, let’s talk about the game a bit.

Most of you are wondering now what the hell is Bubble Elf and why is there a hack for it? From those of you who are asking themselves this, all we ask is a little patience. Answers will come in the next part of the article called Overview where we talk about the game and it’s mechanics, details etc. It’s a pretty simple concept that you can get right into. There are no long tutorials or guides for it simply because it’s mostly just pure fun and time-killiing.

There won’t be much to talk about this pretty simple and fun game. This is why we will use the time we have to explain how our hack is used properly. This is mostly because there are many newcomers these days asking for it. GameBag staff is always happy to assist and answer your questions.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!


Bubble Elf – The Concept Behind The Game – Genre, Mechanics and General Overview

Bubble Elf is a fairly new bubble shooter puzzle game that had a significant rise in downloads recently. It can be played on Android, iOS and Facebook which is nice. Bubble Elf shooter will give you a taste of classic gaming. Aside from that it also has features that appeal to the younger generations.

Thanks to simple controls the game can be played with one hand. However you shouldn’t take it so lightly because of it. Because Bubble Elf has hundreds of levels… This is why you should switch hands often if you’re trying to beat it in one go.  Jokes aside Bubble Elf can get challenging if you don’t plan ahead.  In Bubble Elf shooter it’s not just about winning and running through stages.

The most fun we had while playing was seeing the how high we can score. We even competed with friends, trying to beat each other and boast about our scores next time we see each other. Since it’s really a game that can appeal to anyone we found that people easy get fond of it.

It’s not all just stack-and-shoot gameplay. There are countless variations that make the game different than the rest. Many interesting Abilities that help you stack and destroy bubbles more easily. Loads of exciting magic levels that add a twist to certain things. The more bubbles you destroy at once, the bigger Combo you get. This results in a higher score at the end of the round. There are other things that can help you as well, but we don’t really want to spoil anything. So this is all we will tell you about it.

Aside from it Bubble Elf is completely free. All of it’s future updates are free as well, however, do expect some ads while playing.

Bubble Elf Hack Information Input, see steps for details.

Bubble Elf Hack Successful generation of resources.


Bubble Elf Hack – How Can You Hack Bubble Elf? Why Should You Do it?

Well first of all you have limited game access in Bubble Elf. This is done through the Lives system that the game has. Each unsucessful try takes out a life, this can get quite frustrating. Especially on harder levels. Luckily you can buy Gems and with them you can restore lives. However Gems cost real money, and they aren’t cheap either. While we do encourage you to buy at least a small portions of the gems, buying tons of them shouldn’t be an option. Especially in a game that’s already riddled with ads.

Our Bubble Elf Hack is here to help you! With it you can hack free Gems and Lives and not pay a dime! You heard it right, no fee or requests are needed in order to use our hack.

There was some confusion about our Generators earlier. This is why we’ll do a guide here on how to properly use them.

  1. First of all scroll down to the bottom of this page and find a red “Online Hack’ button!
  2. Click it! You will get redirected to our hack entrance. From here on you need to establish a secured connection by clicking the “Connect” button.
  3. Wait until the process is done. After it is completed press “Proceed” to go to the generator itself.
  4. Now choose the amount of resources that you want. Confirm the selection by clicking the “Generate” button and filling in the required information and clicking “Continue”
  5. That’s it! All you need to do now is wait for the resources to get generated for your account. It shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes.

Follow this step-by-step guide and you will hack unlimited amounts of resources as you wish! We don’t just have this hack, we have many more, feel free to use them all.


Please Don’t Spam Our Generators!

We always like to point this out. We have to say it’s working because the more we point it out the less our servers crash! This means that you folks are rational and moderate with our generators. Because of this we cannot thank you enough! We like to know that our audience listens to use and doesn’t abuse the things we make.

There will come a time when we won’t ever have to write this out again! And we hope that time comes soon. Until next time, GameBag staff wishes you farewell!


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