August 3, 2020

Best Monsters You Can Own in Monster Legends – Part 2 Version

best monsters you can get in moster legends

Our last article received even more attention than the one before it! Our audience seems to be enjoying the Monster Legends RPG. And we have no intentions to stop the incoming articles as long as you guys like it.

This will be yet another list of monsters that you can and should acquire. Most of these monsters are considered to be special, rare and extremely strong. Not only in terms of damage or HP but overall utility like stuns, survivability etc.

We intentionally made a short list on the last article because we didn’t want to make a mile long wall of text. Ultimately nobody enjoys very long articles and texts, and because of that we separated it. One could say this is a healthy, daily ‘dose’ of Monster Legends!

Just like in the last one, the order in this list doesn’t mean anything. The monster we presented first may be much stronger than the one we covered last. So keep in mind that the list will present you with enough information to form your own opinion. You should choose which monster suits you the best and then go after it!

However we won’t be doing complete guides on each and every monster we present. If this article gets enough attention we might do one later. But that remains to be seen.

So without further ado here is another list of the strongest monsters in Monster Legends!




It’s no secret that the Metalhead is a fan of heavy metal. He’s all about motorcycles, color black, screaming and tearing his foes apart.

Metalhead has been keeping his position as one of the most versatile monsters for a very long time. He is the best metal monster out there in our opinion since he’s good at both denier and attacker.

Aside from that he was excellent base stats, however his speed is not the best out there. Cavenfish and Krampus are some of the monsters that are faster than the Metalhead.

He has a whooping 6 viable moves that he can use, hence his versatility.

Metalhead is one of those monsters that can stick to any team and still be useful because of his insane versatility. Synergy-wise Fenrir seems to be the best choice. However stun-immune monsters may give Metalhead a run for his money.



General Nishant

The Dark Troops need a general that’s fit to lead them…Who can do it better than the darkest of them all – General Nishant? He is very toxic, so toxic in fact that his very touch can consume opponents whole.

You can use Nishant’s Shadow Form for an awesome combo of Precision+Damage Boost, and it addition it dodges the next attack. Satanic Flames is a must have AoE ability, while Torment Cuts is a single target ability.

Nishant isn’t one of the best monsters in terms of defense and overall base stats. But it he’s played correctly, Nishant can completely annihilate your foes. Because of this, be sure to place him in a team that has defenders.




This dark warrior for the internet shows no fear even when faced with seemingly impossible obstacles. The more feats he accomplishes in front of an audience, the stronger he gets!

While MMOnster might not be the strongest monster or even the strongest Dark monster, he definitely has a purpose. His specialty is killing bosses that have huge amounts of health.

If you’re having troubles beating bosses be sure to get this monster since he is the best at his job. With this guy bosses will become a walk in the park and you won’t ever have nay struggles against them.




A beast known known to revolt against it’s master’s will. Killeraptor is a dinosaur equipped with technology, a killer combo you might think? Aside from his advanced technology Killeraptor possesses a decent amount of intelligence, at least more so than his fellow raptors.

He has killer stats (pun intended) and an equally decent move set and a trait to perfectly match these two. He is very well rounded and doesn’t need much supporting to do his thing. The only thing Killeraptor lacks is status effects aka debuffs. None of his attack apply any status effects – not even his special ability.




Griffin is often considered to be the king of all living creatures. Essentially he is a genetic masterpiece. He has the eyes of an eagle combined with the fury and strength of a lion. Now add divine powers to all that and it is clear why Griffin is one of the most powerful monsters in Monster Legends.

Griffin is the best monster you can get when doing wars. His high attacking power and speed gives you an extra edge when it comes to waging wars. Massive Peck is his must have move that deals 70 damage and can essentially one-shot thunder monsters in wars. Essentially you will need quite some time and food to develop it fully.

We genuinely recommend you support the game developers by buying Gems so that you can breed your monsters much faster. If however you cannot afford to spend money on a video game we suggest you take a look at the very useful hack for Monster Legends that we’ve made.



General Darmith

General Darmith is one mean monster. There is nothing he likes more than the smell of blood in the morning. He commands the entirety of Fire Troops, they eagerly await his command to tear the opponents to shreds. So either have General Darmith at your side – or prepare to bleed!

Darmith is overall one of the best Fire monsters in the entire game. He has the highest speed out of all the other Fire monsters in the game. There are few that can match him – but none are really faster than he is.

He possesses a Tough trait which helps him against annoying Stuns. He can also counter most of other Fire types with his Dragon Berserker ability. This move will halve the incoming damage as well as double the outgoing damage. He is actually very easily ranked which makes him affordable and easy to develop. You won’t need much time or food to get him to the highest rank. In fact if Darmith had a single Deny ability he would easily be the best Fire monster in the game.

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