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Free Calling Apps For Android: Many people are searching for the Best Free Calling Apps For Android devices. So, in this article, I have updated the top 5 calling apps for Android smartphones. Google Play Store is offering the many free calling applications for the Android users. People who are looking for the Best Free Calling Apps to Download For Android can check from the below sections. Free calling applications are advantageous for the people to make calls without paying the money and you can make calls through the internet. To use the free calling app, you just need a WiFi or Data connection.

Best Free Calling Apps For Android – Calling Apps

Many free online calling applications are available in the market. And many people are still searching for the Best Free Calling Apps For Android. So, I have listed the application as the best one for the users. And all the given apps will work correctly on the Android devices. You just need an internet connection to use these all free calling application. Check all the given apps and then choose the best app for your smartphone. Some of the Free calling apps provides you both free audio and video calling features.

1. Facebook MessengerFree Calling Apps For Android

Facebook is the very popular application, and it provides the beautiful features to the users. In this world, everyone is using the Facebook app. Facebook Messenger is the Facebook’s standalone messaging application. This Facebook Messanger allows you to make free messages, audio calls, video calls, video chats. And it also provides some games to the users. To make a call to your friend, you just need to add your friends to your Facebook. Facebook is very covenanting to the users, and it offers awesome features to the users. Facebook Messenger is completely free to use.

2. Google DuoFree Calling Apps For Android

Google Duo is the best video chatting application. And Google Duo is completely free to use, and it is very easy to download. You just need to use your mobile number to use this Google Duo app. And you can make calls to other people who are using the same on their devices. Google Duo completely free and it supports multi-platform. And the  Google Duo works on both Android and iOS devices. Google Duo only supports for free video calls, and it provides the good video quality to the users. The latest version of the Google Duo supports the Audio calls also.

3. GrooVeIPFree Calling Apps For Android

With the help of the GrooVeIP app, you can make unlimited free calls. GrooVeIP gives the actual US phone number and that you can give to the other people. This GrooVeIP supports both calls and text messages. The free part of this GrooVeIP is little tough, and you can earn the credits for free of cost. And you can also purchase the credits. This GrooVeIP works very perfectly, and it also provides the free credits to use monthly.

4. HangoutsFree Calling Apps For Android

Hangouts are one of the Google’s current champion in the messaging application territory. It offers the best features the users. Hangouts support voice calls, text messages, video calls, for free of cost. By using the Hangouts dialer app, you can make the calls to the US as well as Canada numbers freely without using the cell plan minutes. Hangouts application the best one for those who are looking for the free calling application. You can also sign up for free of cost. You just need a Google account to use this app.

5. SkypeFree Calling Apps For Android

Skype is also one of the popular application allows both voice calls and video calls. And you can make unlimited calls for free of cost. It is the best application used by the millions of people on smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. You can also send and receive the text messages for the people who are using the same app on their devices. You if you want to make a call to the actual phone number then you have to pay for credits. Millions of people are using this Skype on their devices.

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