August 14, 2020

Becoming a VIP in MovieStarPlanet. What does it mean? Version

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MovieStarPlanet is a widely accepted hit teenage game for mobile platforms. And it is all about shooting for the stars. Movie stars, that is. Almost, if not every person in real life show business is a VIP in the eyes of the public. Name one that is not, we dare you! That’s right, you can’t, because if they weren’t VIPs, you wouldn’t even hear about them.

Certainly, people always associate movie stars with money and fame. Even more so, popular media raised us on the idea that we can all be stars one day. As a result, how many lives were changed when Marilyn Monroe packed her bags and headed straight for Hollywood? How many people all over the world were influenced by her acting and her character? Likewise, how many of them quoted every word she ever said?

As a result, to become a VIP always seemed like a life well lived, and that is exactly what you can achieve in MovieStarPlanet. And you can do it without even making a sweat! So make sure to stay with us through this one. We will walk you through a simple way to live a life that was always meant for you.



All you need to know about VIP Status

Offering a premium membership to your loyal (or any) customers slowly became a rule in video games development. Therefore, there is no reason for this one to be any different. In MovieStarPlanet, such membership is simply called a ‘VIP Status’.

You can purchase it in-game by clicking on the ‘VIP’ icon below your avatar. Similarly, you can achieve the same if you click on the ‘become VIP’ icon in the corner of the game map. Also, game makes a ‘VIP Gift Certificate’ available for purchase on the log in screen. It is a redeem code which will be sent to you by email once you purchase it and which you can send to other players as a gift.

Both VIP status and VIP Gift Certificate support 3 different categories:

  • Normal VIP
  • Elite VIP

Furthermore, VIP menu makes 4 packages available to you to choose from within each category and they determine duration of the membership:

  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 1 year

Even more, if your ambition is not satiated with short-term fame, there is also an option to choose a recurring payment plan. It will secure you a static income of StarCoins and Diamonds with each new renewal.

Another way to get a premium membership (assuming you are not using msp hack) in the form of VIP Status is to win it in one of the contests available under ‘Competitions’ tab.

Whichever option you choose, we guarantee you will get special perks and exclusive items, but more of that in the following chapters.


Feels good to be a VIP

Once you purchase a VIP Status, you will get a new icon on your profile that simply says ‘VIP’. Furthermore, developers made sure that other users know that you are an important person in this enchanting world of showbiz. Thus, the game will display your username in the color of gold on the forum, chatrooms and the bottom of the screen. Even more, there is a special chatroom for VIPs called ‘VIP Club’.

One thing you will notice about movie stars is there is always a bunch of people surrounding them. They never go unnoticed and they always get all the attention they crave for. Hence, the more famous they are, the more and more people want to befriend them. To mirror this real world phenomenon, MovieStarPlanets VIP Status raises your friend limit. If you get it, you will be able to befriend even more people than before. They don’t say for nothing that one enemy is too much, but a hundred friends is still not enough.

With the premium membership, your fame is turned to numbers, and you can earn 25% more fame than non-VIP users. Even more, you can create your own Club! Certainly, with more and more popularity comes the need to uphold your social image. Letting your fans down by wearing no make-up in public is the last thing you want to do. So to support your new life style and let you take care of yourself, VIP Status provides you with steady amount of income on a daily basis, depending on the type of VIP package you choose. In the following chapter we will explain the difference between available packages and the benefits they provide.


moviestar planet vip red crpet


VIP package overview

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 kinds of packages available for purchase. We will now explain each one of them in more detail:

  • Normal VIP: You guessed, this is the cheapest one. The amount of daily StarCoins you get with this package is 5, but you get no daily Diamonds. Your friend limit is 5 times higher than normal. You can give an autograph every 15 minutes and spin the VIP and no-VIP wheels twice. Recurring payment gives you 1900 StarCoins and 14 Diamonds with every renewal.
  • Elite VIP: You guessed again, this one is more expensive than the normal package. It provides you with 20 daily StarCoins and 1 daily Diamond. The amount of autographs you can give stays the same: 1 every 15 minutes. Furthermore, friend limit is 7 times higher with this one, and you have 3 spins on the wheel. You get extra items and 2300 StarCoins/16 Diamonds with every automatic renewal.
  • STAR VIP: The most expensive one. You get 40 StarCoins and 2 Diamonds on a daily basis. Friend limit is 9 times higher and you can give an autograph every 2 minutes. You will spin the wheel 4 times a day, and get 3000 StarCoins and 22 Diamonds with every automatic renewal.

With all that said, we got you covered. Road to the stars is a rocky one, but MovieStarPlanet really makes a difference on that one!


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