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Lately we’ve been fascinated by the ‘idle RPGs‘ such as Adventure of Heroes (iOS/Android). We’ve released multiple hacks for similar games over the last couple of months.

We at GameBag don’t get why all of a sudden these games are popular, but it is how it is. Personally we might not like it to the point we would play it constantly, but it’s not all that bad. We’d rather plan an open world RPG, but hey, you don’t always get what you want. And as you all know we don’t want to leave anyone behind, hence we made yet another hack tool.

Directly controlling your characters seems to be the most important aspect of an RPG for us. However the recent rise in popularity of idle games tells us the majority of mobile players thinks otherwise.

While we don’t like the idea, we never were close minded people so we gave each of these games a try. It’s the same with Adventure of Heroes. We played it a bit and noticed that the premium resources are hard to get, and the players might be annoyed with that.

This is the sole reason we made this free Coins and Gems generator. Many of you might be playing the game without the best team members. Simply because you don’t wish to pay hundreds of dollars for a mobile game. We get this, and that’s why we put our efforts into this hack tool.

Stick around to out what Adventure of Heroes is all about, learn it’s gameplay mechanics and meet some of the characters. Lastly learn how our Coins and Gems generator can help you build the best team this game has ever seen!



Adventure of Heroes – What’s it all about? What are Coins, Gems and How to Obtain Them?

Adventure of Heroes is a 2D Card RPG which focuses on exploration and battle. However battles are mostly idle and the heroes you choose will do the fighting for you. Before you can start you journey you need to form a team of heroes first.

The first team you get is acquired as a part of the tutorial. It consists of your main character and Saori, your follower that introduces you to the game.

You meet Saori at the start of the game when a violent disruption occurs and bring many superheroes to reality. You are supposed to fight off the evil ones and restore the balance of the world. Are you the chosen one, and can you really do this task?

Well first of all you cannot do all of this by yourself. You will, of course, need a fully-formed team to help you out with this task. It takes some time for you to form the actual team, even longer if you don’t use our hack.

You need gold coins and Gems for the purchase of additional heroes. These heroes vary in strengths and rarity, but truth be told it doesn’t matter all that much. You will win most of the fights in a matter of seconds and in the end the only change you can make is the visual one. In other words, the strength doesn’t matter as much in this game.

Coins are acquired through ‘Adventuring’ and this is done by selecting a region your party is supposed to explore. You don’t have to do much and the gold will slowly trickle down in your pocket. Same cannot be said for Gems, as they can only be bought with real money.

This is why we deemed it necessary to make yet another generator for you!


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adventure of heroes free gems hack


Adventure of Heroes – How Exactly Do You Hack Coins and Gems With Out Generator?

The hacking process itself is rather simple and doesn’t require much knowledge since it pretty intuitive. Most of you are already familiar with our generators, however for some of you this might be the first time.

There isn’t much to be told about the generator except that it is completely free, that’s right! No survey, like or share is required for the hack to work, that’s just the way we like it. This makes it easier for both you and us.

So let’s get straight into the generator tutorial shall we?

First thing is first you will need to scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the red ‘”Online Hack” button. You need to click it in order to be redirected to the site our generator is stationed at.

After the redirection you will need to establish a secured connection to one of our generator servers. To do that you simply press the ‘Connect’  button below the text. There isn’t much else to do here since the process is fully automated.

If the above mentioned process fails for the first time – don’t worry! You can always reload the page and try again.

When you’ve established the connection you should click the ‘Proceed’  button that appeared in the meantime. Now you’ll need to choose which resources (Coins and/or Gems) and how many of them you wish to hack. To confirm the selection you need to press the Generate’  button. After pressing this button you will be asked to fill out your account username and to choose the device you play on.

It is important to provide us with the right information since our generator must know where to send the hacked resources!


Please Don’t Spam our Coins and Gems Generator!

Since we haven’t placed any requirements for our hack tool we think it’s only fair that you do us this small favor. We had problems in the past with flooding of the generator’s servers lately due to spamming. It is bad for both sides since you cannot get your much needed resources and we get bad feedback.

This is the reason we will ask you not to spam our generators! You can hack as much resources as you want, but do it once. Doing it a hundred times in ten seconds won’t bring you any advantage since you probably won’t get anything due to crashes.

We hope you understand why this is important. Hacking responsibly will be a win-win situation for everybody!

GameBag staff wishes you many days of happy gaming and hacking!


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