8 Reasons Why You Should Play Mortal Kombat X Version

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Here are 8 reasons to play Mortal Kombat X if you haven't already

Our last article was met with genuine interest and positive feedback. Hence we came to an idea to make another article about Mortal Kombat X. The game is pretty good and if you aren’t already playing it, here are some reason why you should.

We won’t go into too much detail regarding game’s gameplay, tactics etc. because we dedicated an article to that subject earlier. If however you stumbled upon this article looking for a hack you’re at the wrong place. But since we’re nice guys we can show you where exactly to go to hack Mortal Kombat X souls and coins. The link will lead you to one very helpful tool that will help you throughout your play.

So now that you know what our article isn’t about we can start talking what it is about. Essentially we thought many people overlooked this game because of it’s name. Prejudice can make you miss out on many great experiences. We’re trying to stop this from happening, at least for those who follow our work and read us.

While we do realize not everyone enjoys fighting games we do encourage you to try new things. Keeping a closed mind will make you miss out on many great things, Mortal Kombat X being one of them.

While reading previous feedback we came to a shocking conclusion. Many people that disliked Mortal Kombat franchise in the past like this game. Because it got rid of some of the complex elements that kept a certain type of audience at bay.

So if you think you know that this isn’t the game for you without trying it out, you might be dead wrong. We know this from experience, that’s why we ask of you to give it a chance.


1. Mortal Kombat Franchise Is 25 Years Old

This statement speaks for itself pretty much. There is a reason why the Mortal Kombat franchise hasn’t died off during the years. It’s because it possesses a certain quality and a large fan base. The large fan base is there for a reason: Mortal Kombat always has something new to offer!

The previous story of Mortal Kombat, be it games or movies, is closely tied to this game. So if you’re an old fan you’ll certainly find something interesting. If you’re a newcomer you’ll still get amazed by how rich the story is.

All in all there’s something for everyone!



2. Loads of Character That You Can Play With

There really are loads of characters in this game, both old and new. And we say loads we mean it, there are more than 70 characters currently in game. They are adding new ones with every update and it doesn’t seem they will stop soon.

Some characters are meant to wake up the nostalgia feeling with the older fans. Others are simply there to complete the picture.

You’ll simply never run out of new characters to play! Believe us, we played for quite a while and still haven’t unlocked half of them.


3. Awesome Aesthetics, Combos, Special Moves and Fatalities

Seriously the game is just as flashy as you would think any other MK game is. It is as flashy as it is simple! In previous games you would hardly pull out some glorious combos. You’d need much practice before you could defeat your pals with flashy combos and finish them off with a fatality.

That isn’t the case here since most of the controls are pretty simple. Mostly taps and slashes on your screen will perform very visually stimulating actions.

Slicing someone’s face in half and waiting for his brain to fall out has never been easier!



4. Great Mix of Mobile Fighting and Card Battle

The title of the header speaks for itself pretty much. This game is not only glorious in terms of looks and graphics. It also fuses two seemingly unfusable game genres. Mortal Kombat X is a mix of both action-packed fighting game with a twist of turn-based card game.

Both genre’s audiences will be pleased with the results! We can guarantee this since the developers have taken the best of two worlds.


5. Faction Wars

Mortal Kombat X introduces the never before seen Faction Wars into this game. This is a special game mode that adds a whole new level of MK experience. Each user can choose between one of five factions. After deciding which faction you’ll join in, you’ll progressively work on gathering points for it. Every action you make will count towards your faction’s benefit.
The winning faction at the end of the week receives very helpful and unique rewards. Each week brings something different!


6. Live-Action TV Show!

This might not be closely related to the game but it is surely something to look forward to! For the old fans of Mortal Kombat this is a reason to rejoice. There have been rumors on the internet that a live-action TV show is being made inspired by Mortal Kombat X. This doesn’t have anything to do with gameplay but it is a nice addition.

Also, let’s not forget the MK Legacy. A free to watch live-action fan made series that you can enjoy for free on Steam and possibly many other video streaming platforms online.


7. Very Rewarding and Immersive Story Mode

Beating the singleplayer story mode in this game is something you simply must do. It is very rewarding in terms of in-game resources, including Koins and Souls. However it is also a very immersive experience overall and it will surely spark your interest in the MK franchise.

You will unlock many different characters along the way, expanding the amount of characters you can play with.

We won’t go into much details because there is a possibility that we’ll spoil something. We surely wouldn’t want that so we’ll stop before something goes wrong!


8. Just Take Our Word For it!

While this might not be an actual valid reason to play, we suggest that you still hear us out. We already explained that the game was strangely well-received with people unfamiliar with MK franchise.

This is because the game excellently connects present and past characters and somehow ties everything together in the MK world.

If you haven’t already watched the movies or played previous games, Mortal Kombat X is a good start. You won’t miss out on much story stuff. You might miss something, but it’s mostly irrelevant stuff that wasn’t well-received even with the most hardcore MK fans.

We hope to have sparked your interest at least for a bit and that you will give this game a try. You won’t regret it!

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